Tracy Wolff

tracy wolff

Genres: Romance, Paranormal, New Adult

Writes As: Tracy Wolff & Tessa Adams

Why I like her: I love her style of writing. She has a great way with getting the reader to connect with the characters in the book. More than that though her characters are all very complex, every time I read one of her books, I feel like with every passing chapter I am peeling back a layer of the character and learning just a little bit more about them. I love complex characters, I love damaged characters, I love characters I can relate to or emphasize with. Plus she writes some killer love scenes, and that is not a skill to be overlooked. I haven’t read any of her stand alones, but I love her series books, so be sure to check those out ASAP!


Ethan Frost Series 

  1. Ruined (Review) (Buy)
  2. Addicted

Shaken Dirty Series

  1. Crash Into Me (Review) (Buy)
  2. Drive Me Crazy (Buy)
  3. Face into You
  4. Justify My Love
  5. Need You Tonight

Extreme Risk Series 

  1. Shredded (Buy)
  2. Shattered (Review) (Buy)

Stand Alones

  • Tie Me Down (Buy)
  • Full Exposure (Buy)
  • Tease Me (Buy)
  • From Friend to Father (Buy)
  • Unguarded (Buy)
  • Deserving of Luke (Buy)
  • The Christmas Present (Buy)
  • A Christmas Wedding (Buy)



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