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Home. Love. Books. is always accepting requests for reviews. Requesting a review is not a guarantee that your book will be reviewed on the site. While I would love to review all books I simply don’t have the time to read every book submitted to me, every request will get a response to inform you of the decision to review or not within 48-72 hours.

Please note: I only accept books that have been edited by a professional. While I do accept indie books, I ask that all books have gone through an editing process. When I review books that have not been edited and are riddled with mistakes chances are you are going to get a very poor review, regardless of how good the storyline had the potential to be.

Formats: Right now I only accept mobi files for eBooks as well as anything in print (I will provide a mailing address if I accept your book for review). If you have a book in a series you must start with the first book in the series and then follow in order, example if I reviewed book 2 and you request a review for book 4 I am going to decline until I have reviewed book 3.

Genre Information:

I like almost any genre of book, and I am always willing to try out something new if the book cover blurb speaks to me. That being said there are certain genres that I read all the time and have a higher probability of being picked for review, those are: urban fantasy, paranormal romance, novels with strong romantic elements, mystery, thriller, and chick lit. 

Just as I have my favorite genres, I also have some genres I don’t enjoy. Here are some book genres I am unlikely to accept: horror, while I do like suspense, I don’t like to be terrified, very young YA, while I do like some older level YA books, I am not a fan of books geared to the younger YA audience.

These are only broad preferences, if you have a great book cover blurb, please feel free to submit it, I love trying out new books.

What you can expect:

You can expect a comprehensive review of your book (there are no reviews on my site that are two sentences long and say basically nothing about the book).

I will go out of my way to avoid spoiling a book for a reader, I may dance around a spoiler, but I would never outright ruin a book for a reader.

Promotion on social media (twitter & Facebook)

Posting review to Amazon & Goodreads (if your book hasn’t come out yet please send me a reminder on release date and I will publish my review to Amazon)

Featured on the front page while I am reading the book.

For more on how the rating scale works please CLICK HERE

Please submit a form for each single book you are requesting review for

Notes for Publishers/Review Coordinator: 

You may submit a list of books for consideration by e-mailing me at

Synopsis of book you have listed at Amazon or B&N, please do not tell the entire plot line of the book from beginning to end.

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