Maisey Yates


Genres: Romance

Why I like her: So I liked Maisey because she has a great writing style, she makes it really easy to connect with the characters. I also liked that (of the books I have read so far of hers) she has women who learn to stand on their own feet. I liked strong women, ones that don’t let men walk all over them, and so far I really like the way she writes women. I also think Maisey is pretty versatile with themes, some writers only write one theme really well, but I feel like she is able to handle many themes with ease. I know without a doubt when I pick up a Maisey Yates’s book I will like the writing style and enjoy the book.


Silver Creek Series

  • #.5 Unbuttoned (Buy)
  • #1 Unexpected (Buy)
  • #2 Untouched (Buy)
  • #2.5 Rekindled (Review) (Buy)
  • #3 Unbroken
  • #3.5 Unwrapped

The Call of Duty Series

  1. A Royal World Apart (Buy)
  2. At His Majesty’s Request (Buy)
  3. Pretended to the Throne (Buy)

Fifth Avenue Series

Stand Alones

  • Girl on a Diamond Pedestal (Buy)
  • One Night to Risk It All (Buy)
  • One Night in Paradise (Buy)
  • The Argentine’s Price (Buy)
  • Crazy, Stupid Sex (Buy)
  • A Game of Vows (Buy)
  • Her Little White Lie (Buy)
  • Forged in the Desert Heat (Buy)
  • A Hunger for the Forbidden/The Highest Price to Pay (Buy)
  • His Ring is Not Enough (Buy)
  • The Couple Who Fooled the World (Buy)
  • His Pregnant Princess (Buy)
  • Heir to a Dark Inheritance (Buy)
  • Heir to a Desert Legacy (Buy)
  • Princess From the Shadows (Buy)
  • Hajar’s Hidden Legacy (Buy)
  • The Life She Left Behind (Buy)
  • The Petrov Proposal (Buy)
  • Marriage Made on Paper (Buy)
  • The Highest Price to Pay (Buy)
  • The Inherited Bride (Buy)
  • An Accidental Birthright/A Mistake, A Prince, and A Pregnancy (Buy)
  • His Virgin Acquisition (Buy)

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