Are you qualified to write reviews?

While I do work in publishing as a book editor and have a degree in literature, every review is based on my own personal opinion, how the book made me feel. My book reviews are not going to read like an academic overviews of the novel, they are going to be my thoughts. In my opinion anyone is qualified to write book reviews because anyone is qualified to be a reader.


How do your ratings work?

I work on a 5 star scale and a word rating, you can read more about both systems and why I have two HERE.


What are your favorite books and why?

I love urban fantasy, my first website was devoted to urban fantasy. I like UF because I love a strong woman character who can kick ass or stand up for herself, add in some paranormal action and I’m in heaven. I also really love to read romance books, I am a sucker for a happy ending, or even a tragic one, as long as the story is good and pulls me in then I am happy.

In my opinion a book has done it’s job when it transports you away from your life for the amount of time it takes you read it. Any book that transports me to another place/time/world is a good one in my opinion.


What don’t you like?

Well that’s a complicated answer. In terms of genres there is only one real genre that doesn’t work for me: horror. I don’t like scary movies, I’m the girl who watches a scary movie with my eyes closed and ears covered up. Now books with scary elements in them, like amped up suspense, or murder mystery books are totally okay with me, but books that read like the a scary movie or a torture movie like Saw are not going to be my thing.

I also don’t like YA geared to younger age kids, I do like YA, when its geared more towards high school level kids, especially if it’s well written.

For romance books, I only have one preference, a good story line. I don’t want to read a book that is 200 pages of sex scenes and no storyline. Characters need to have real connections to each other, I need a real emotional connection to the characters not just a bunch of sex scenes.


So you’re a book editor, can I hire you for my indie book? Will you be my beta reader? Do you write?

Yes, you can hire me as a book editor, for more information on my rates you can send an email to kate@homelovebooks.com and we can chat about your needs and how the process works. I normally don’t beta read for someone unless I know them. That’s not to say I would not be willing to get to know you. If you are an aspiring author or even established author looking for a beta reader, send me an e-mail, I’d love to read some of your writing and talk about being a beta reader.

As for if I write my own stuff, the answer is yes. I have a mystery trilogy in progress and first third of an urban fantasy book. Neither work is completed enough to where I would send it out to be published, but maybe in a few years my books will appear on someone else’s review blog!


Who are your favorite authors? Do you have a favorite book?

My favorite authors would have to be Patricia Briggs and Rachel Vincent. I am like an uber fan girl for both of them. I have like stack of autographed stuff from Rachel Vincent, and I own just about every book she has written (I am a couple books behind, I think two). Patricia Briggs is the writer I can only dream of being, especially her early Mercy Thompson books, without Patty Briggs I would have never fallen in love with UF the way I have.

Other authors that I really like are Rachel Caine, Carrie Vaughn, some James Patterson (some being the key word, some of his series do nothing for me, others I really like), there’s an indie author Charlotte English who is quite good, and so many more.

Favorite books, well there are a lot of books I love. But if I had to mention just one it would be Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love by Larry Levin. The book speaks to me because it’s a dog who was in such bad shape, having suffered the worst kinds of animal abuse, and finally having a real home with a family who loved him unconditionally. A true story about the unconditional and unending love a dog can give a family. My husband and I rescue dogs so this book really speaks to my heart.


What if I don’t read urban fantasy or romance, can I find books on your site?

OF COURSE! I like to try a little bit of everything. I like a good sci-fi, a true mystery, crime thrillers are just as good in books as they are on tv, a good memoir is always nice, true story military books always make me cry, and the list could literally go on forever.


Are there any books you really want to review?

I would love to review more books in the new adult genre. I want to find a really good, solid steampunk (ala firefly). A good mystery series, with a woman heroine is on my must find list. A zombie book with heart. And the list goes on…


Have a question not answered here, contact me and I’ll get you an answer!

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