Thanks for visiting Home. Love. Books. one of my favorite things about running a review site is helping promote books to potential readers. I work as a book editor for my day job, so believe me I understand how much work authors put into getting a book published, and I have a lot of respect for anyone who publishes.

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Please know that any book reviews are just my own personal opinion. Everyone has different tastes, I have fallen completely in love with some books that most people didn’t love, or I have not enjoyed a book that got all kinds of critical acclaim. My goal is never to trash any book. I want to help authors get their books an audience, it’s why I work in publishing and it’s why I run this site. Please know if I review your book (whether or I like it or not) I will try to identify an audience for your book, for example I don’t 90% of books in the horror genre, but if I were to review one on the site and I didn’t love it I would be sure to mention the strengths of the book (like great descriptions, smooth dialogue, etc.) as well as identifying an audience (readers of horror, YA horror book lovers, if the book reminds me of a movie or tv show I may mention that audiences of that show might enjoy reading the book). I know my tastes are not the same as everyone’s, so please don’t think I am trying to say I do.

Also know that when I accept a book to be reviewed, I have already read the blurb for the book and it appealed to me. I will never accept a book to review that I already think I won’t like, so chances are if I accept your book you are going to get a solid review. For more about how ratings work please CLICK HERE.

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