King by Jess Bentley

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King by Jess BentleyKing by Jess Bentley
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Genres: Alpha Guy, Contemporary Romance, Millionaire/Billionaire Hero, Older Guy, Romance
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The one girl I can’t have.

When I see her sprawled out on her childhood bed at her folks’ house, I have no idea that she’ll consume my thoughts until I make her mine.
Every possible way I can.
Her Dad might be my best friend, but that’s merely an obstacle. I’m used to getting what I want, and I’m willing to give up anything.
When she runs I will overtake her.
When she falls I will catch her.
The truth is that I can't resist her... And I’ll fight the whole world to take her as my own.

King. He won’t tell me his first name, but still he is my King.
Can I trust him? Can I trust anyone, now?
How am I supposed to let anyone in after what she did to me?
Lost and alone, in Paris, there’s one person who just might be able to fix this sh!t I’ve gotten myself into.
And if not, he's the only one who can make me forget.
The one whose mere touch gives me happiness, bliss.
Who makes me slick with desire.
I know I shouldn’t have him, but he is the one thing I can’t give up.

I really like older guy romances, especially when the age gap is more than 10 year, which is why I picked up this book. I must admit I was more than a little leery when I saw the “Daddy’s Best Friend” clarifier, because mostly it makes it sound kind of skeezy and skeezy just isn’t my jam.

I’ll admit the book had some promise in the beginning. When you meet Jordan for the first time she is in a state of transition, her best friend had just died and she is obviously having some big feelings about this. Especially since these two clearly had some serious issues, Jordan was seriously co-dependent and the best friend was more than a little bit manipulative and emotionally abusive. She goes home to her parents house after the funeral and meet King, her dad’s old college best friend and new business partner. To be honest I don’t understand why this book was marketed as a “daddy’s best friend” book when King and Jordan’s dad interact once during the book and it was only at the beginning to facilitate the meeting, other than that it’s not like it was ever really an issue or anything.

Most of the book takes place in France, in Paris actually, which was fine, it was interesting seeing how Jordan got around in a country where she didn’t speak the language. But honestly I have massive issues with this book. It moves really quickly, which basically means there is not a lot of character development. Yeah events happen that impact the characters, but its almost like the author is just giving you a play by play of events, not taking the time to let you get to know the characters at all. Also time jumps around pretty often as well, like say Jordan and King have a fight, suddenly it’s a month later and they run into each other. It’s just not organic in any way.

Also there is a storyline in this book that I felt could have been interesting if the book had been fleshed out more. Jordan’s best friend wasn’t just emotionally abusive, she betrayed her in a big way, and it takes a while to have it all fully revealed, and I won’t ruin it for you here. But the thing is this betrayal follows Jordan from the very beginning of the book, before she is even aware of it, and then of course when she finds out the is the aftermath. The storyline was such impactful thing for Jordan, and in a lot of ways it was just glossed over, and when it was dealt with in the book it wasn’t convincing, I just didn’t buy it.

This book really needed to be fleshed out, character development was massively needed, as well as some serious pacing issues that needed to be worked through. At the end of the day this book just did not work for me.

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