The Bad Boy Next Door by Jody Holford

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The Bad Boy Next Door by Jody HolfordThe Bad Boy Next Door by Jody Holford
Series: Kendrick Place #2
Format: eARC
Published by Entangled Source: Netgalley
Genres: Coming of Age, Contemporary Romance, Law Enforcement, Neighbors, Romance
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Shay Matthews moved to Boston for a fresh apartment, new job, new routine. After too many years being coddled by her overbearing older brothers, Shay’s ready for some freedom and maybe a nice, easygoing guy. She wasn’t expecting to literally run into the scowling, brooding, (and unfairly smoking hot) guy next door.

Fresh off a haunting undercover assignment, detective Wyatt Daniels is jaded about life, relationships, and especially happily-ever-after. But there’s something about the independent and beautiful Shay that makes him want to dig deeper. Or stay away, which is definitely the smarter option of the two.

But the more Shay tries to convince herself that her sweet building manager, Brady, is the guy for her, the more Mr. Completely Wrong-for-Her Wyatt invades her mind and her heart.

I like stories about neighbors, nothing like the person you literally just can’t get away from. I wasn’t 100% on board with the title, but the description won me over. I am also a big fan of starting over, so I was really kind of excited to see Shay start her life in a new place and all that jazz.

I wanted to like Shay, I really, really did. I mean she has a lot of good qualities, she’s nice, she’s a good friend/neighbor even though everyone she is meeting is very new to her, she goes out of her way to be grateful to people who are kind to her, so she’s not like a bad character or something. BUT, she has like a mania for being independent, to like such a degree that it’s kind of annoying. I mean I get that she grew up with older brothers, and her family basically coddled her, and she wants to make it on her own, which I support, but I mean come on, like can’t you just accept other people being kind to you without it being some kind of threat on your independence. Also when things start to pick up with Wyatt, she is a little bit overly emotional, I mean she jumps to conclusions about things really quickly, and reacts really quickly. I don’t know she bugged me.

Wyatt, I understood a lot more. He’s coming off an undercover assignment, and is carrying some serious baggage and trust issues because of it. I get why he’s rough around the edges. I mean he lived through some stuff, some real stuff, so I mean come on it makes sense that he has some problems reintegrating back into normal life. I also really like how serious he takes his job as a cop, I mean you can tell he cares about his job, and he does his best to separate his job from his personal life, in an effort to try to do both things well. At the end of the day, I liked him, a lot, I wouldn’t call him a bad boy, but I liked him.

I liked how everything took place primarily within the apartment building that everyone lived in, it was fun seeing everyone interact and try to figure out what was going on. It seems like there is going to be some interesting building changes in the next book. This book definitely I think qualifies as a sweet romance, there isn’t a ton explicit heat in this book, and it does kind of almost at times feel a bit insta-love like, which isn’t my favorite thing, but it’s obviously some people’s jam, so if you like sweet with a side of insta-love then this might be just the book for you.

About Jody Holford

I’m a mom and wife first and many things after. I’m a best friend and a regular friend. A daughter, sister, auntie, a teacher, and maybe even… a writer. I am a book lover, a shopper, a pajama-wearer, movie-watcher, worrier, over-thinker, and a wanna-be-good-Samaritan. I’m a Gemini, a nervous talker, and an emotional writer.

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