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Home Tears by TijanHome Tears by Tijan
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance, Small Town Romance
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Dani’s survived a lot of sh*t storms.

Her mother died. Her two sisters loathed her. One aunt hated her. The other was strangely distant, but the worst storm—being dumped by her childhood best friend/high school boyfriend/first love for her younger sister.

There went the one person who was hers and with that, the main reason she stuck around. So, she left for ten years. But now she’s back, and nothing’s the same.

With help from Jonah Bannon, a reformed—kind of—bad boy she remembers from high school, Dani uncovers family secrets that have spanned generations. And along with those, she’s about to face the biggest sh*t storm of her life.

Only this time, she may not survive.

I keep hearing about this author and yet I haven’t picked up one of their books yet, so when I saw this book was available on Kindle Unlimited I decided now was as good of a time as any to check out the author. I have to say I am pretty pleased with the book, and I can easily see why so many other people are talking about this authors work.

I looks book where the main character is coming home, and honestly I read this book at just the right time, I was on at home after almost six years away, so this kind of hit just the right spot for me. I also really liked how much family was a component of the book, Dani is coming home to heal from some pretty traumatic experiences, which also means having to deal with all the family and drama that she left behind all those years ago. There is a lot to unpack when it comes to the issues in Dani’s family. I mean she has the death of her sister, her ailing aunt, her sister who pretty much seems to hate her, and then there are all of the family secrets that Dani starts to uncover. Oh and did I mention that Dani’s ex, who also happens to be her childhood best friend and first of everything, is also the same guy who left her for her sister and has now moved on to yet another sister. I mean seriously, that’s a lot to deal with.

I liked the small town part too, where everyone seemed to know everyone’s business, and man of man did news travel fast. I mean sometimes it even seemed like gossip made its way across town even before Dani made it across town. I think what I really liked though was how quickly Dani found herself a spot in the town. The group of friends that she made were really good people, fun to read about, good friends, and just so accepting of her into the group. They also make for some really funny scenes especially when they end up drinking together.

But the real shining star in this book is Jonah, sure he is the hero in the book, and yeah he is definitely a perfect counterpart to Dani, but he doesn’t overwhelm her, either within the story or within the book. I liked how he is really just so supportive of her, and how he kind of allows for her to let her guard down, he’s just the right guy she needed at the right time. I liked how his presence calms her and makes her open up, but at the same time he’s also super patient with her about things, never pushy.

At the end of the day I really did enjoy this book, and I think I will be reading more of Tijan’s books in the future. I liked how much more emotionally driven this book was than I was expecting, exactly the kind of book I was looking for.

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