Dirty Game by Violet Page

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Dirty Game by Violet PageDirty Game by Violet Paige
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Genres: Alpha Guy, Contemporary Romance, Love to Hate, Romance, Second Chances, Small Town Romance, Sports
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I don't give second chances.
I loved her once.
But not anymore.
Now I love the sound of girls screaming my name. On the field, and in my bed.
There's nothing she can say that would change the past.
But she's back. And payback is a b*tch.
Two can play at this game. Except I play to win.

I was never supposed to come back.
But circumstances change, wounds heal, and time moves on.
Except some things never change.
Like how I feel for Blake.
Or the secret that I've been keeping from him.

I had high hopes for this book, it seemed to have all the elements in it that I would normally love: hot athlete, coming home after a long time away, rekindled romances, and even a secret baby. However, I didn’t fall in love with it. I thought that the beginning of the book was pretty good, but as it continued on I started to get less and less invested.

In the beginning you see Sierra coming back to her hometown that she left so suddenly years ago. A lot of things haunt her from how she left, but a family member passed away and she had to go back home to settle everything with the estate and everything. It was nice watching her come back home and see everyone she had left behind. Of course she very quickly runs into the guy who played a big part in her running away, Blake. In the beginning I liked Blake. I thought they had some strained interactions, mostly because you could tell that they still had old feelings just hovering at the surface.

And then things took a turn for me. Sierra and Blake start rekindling things, and it’s nice, I liked it, however, Blake killed it for me. As soon as things start to get going again, he basically kind of demands that Sierra leave her whole life behind and move to be with him so they can be together. Which I guess kind of is romantic, but the way he trivializes her job and how hard she has worked for her life is kind of infuriating. And he does this kind of stuff on more than one occasion. It’s not romantic to me at all, it seems like a serious case of entitlement, and of course when he doesn’t get his way, he like throws everything away.

I actually had a lot of respect for how Sierra handled the situation, I mean she stuck to what she wanted, but I wasn’t impressed with how it all ended up. I will say that Sierra and Blake do have a sad story from the past that needs to be dealt with. They seemed to be such a cute couple in the past, and then over the course of like two hours everything just kind of exploded, Sierra left town and never looked back. I don’t know if I would have handled the situation the way that she did, but she was also very young and scared so I understood where she was coming from.

Overall, this was a pretty quick read, it was okay. I didn’t super love it, but I enjoyed it enough.

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