Viking Warrior Rebel by Asa Maria Bradley

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Viking Warrior Rebel by Asa Maria BradleyViking Warrior Rebel by Asa Maria Bradley
Series: Viking Warriors #2
Format: eARC
Published by Sourcebooks Source: Netgalley
Genres: Alpha Guy, Law Enforcement, Military, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance, Thrillers, Urban Fantasy
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She can’t let him discover…Immortal Vikings are among us

Astrid Irisdotter is a Valkyrie-a fierce warrior fighting to protect humanity from the evil god Loki and his brutal minions. She’s on an urgent mission for her queen when everything goes hideously sideways. Undercover agent Luke Holden arrives on the scene just in time to save her life-and put his own on the line.

Luke may have saved her, but that doesn’t mean Astrid can trust him. Tempers flare as they hide secret upon secret from each other, but Astrid’s inner warrior knows what it wants…and it will not take “no” for an answer.

I started reviewing books of the urban fantasy persuasion, before I fell over heads with romance. But every once in a while I like to dive back into urban fantasy and the paranormal, especially if a synopsis really intrigues me. I have to admit that when I read the blurb for this book I was beyond intrigued. I loved the cover art, I loved the whole Vikings and Valkyries theme, and I love when these themes are set in modern day. This book is book two in the series, but honestly I think it can be read as a standalone, you’ll see the couple from the first book in this one, but the author does a great job of world-building within this book, so you can without a doubt read it on its own.

So I really do kind of love Astrid. Astrid is a warrior in every sense of the word, and when the book starts she is sent on a mission to go pick someone up. It shouldn’t be too big of a deal, so she’s sent by herself. It’s clear from the beginning that Astrid doesn’t think all that highly of herself. She wants to prove to everyone that she is worthy, but no one doubts her like she doubts herself. I will admit she occasionally makes some decisions that she really shouldn’t have because she doesn’t want to be seen as weak or like she can’t do the job own her own. But regardless of her self doubt, she really is kind of awesome. I loved the scenes where she is kicking butt and taking names, she even figures out how to make big strides in a battle that no one else was able to do. What isn’t to love about her?

Luke is on a mission to avenge his brothers death. He has a lot of the pieces but no idea how to put them together. All he knows is that Astrid (his previous one night stand) has something to do with everything, or at the very least can lead him to the people he is looking for. As a cop he has tried to do everything he can to track Astrid, but it just isn’t working, so he shows up in her path and then convinces her that he can help her. I liked Luke, I liked him a lot. I understood his reasons for why he was doing what he was doing. But at the same time he’s holding back a lot of the truth from Astrid, and after they start having real feelings for each other, he had to know it was all going to blow up on him.

The romance was really well written, don’t get me wrong, the chemistry was awesome and there are some seriously hot scenes between the two of them. But the book worked so much for me because of the plot. What is going on with the wolverine labs, who is involved, the dynamic between Astrid’s battle brothers and sisters. All the elements just worked together to create exactly the kind of book I wanted to get lost in. I look forward to seeing what happens next in this series, and I especially want to know what is going to happen with Ulf.

About Asa Maria Bradley

2016 RITA Double Finalist Asa Maria Bradley grew up in Sweden surrounded by archaeology and history steeped in Norse mythology, which inspired the immortal Vikings in her paranormal romances. She came to the U.S. as a high school exchange student and quickly fell in love with ranch dressing and crime TV series. She’s still obsessed with both of those things and currently lives on a lake in the Pacific Northwest with a British husband and a rescue dog of indeterminate breed.

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