Covet by Alison Ryan

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Covet by Alison RyanCovet by Alison Ryan
Series: Second Chance Romance #2
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Millionaire/Billionaire Hero, Romance, Second Chances
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Barrett Evers, globe-trotting scion of the Evers Holdings fortune, has all the trappings of the wealthiest men in the world. The fastest sports cars, the sleekest private jets, and business interests on four continents. He rubs elbows with the world's most powerful and beautiful. And on top of all that? He just so happens to have the rugged good looks of a model straight out of GQ.

Needless to say, he gets what he wants, when he wants. He has it all. At least, that's what any outsider would think.

Despite all he has, there's one thing he can't buy- Scarlet Bloom.

Five years ago, their passion could heat up an entire city. They were desperately in love until one day Scarlet walked away. No explanation, no goodbye. The great love (not to mention the best sex) of his life, inexplicably walked out on him and never looked back.

Scarlet has her reasons. But she can never tell Barrett the truth. It would cost them both way too much.

But after a chance meeting in Las Vegas leads to a steamy weekend on the shores of the Pacific, Scarlet can't help but wonder if she could ever be strong enough to let him go again.

Even if both their lives depended on it.

WARNING: COVET is a novel full of sex, secrets, and soap opera twists. Read it if you're all about the over-the-top drama, and pages full of excessive steam.

I’ve been on a mission lately to try new authors and see what else is out there, mainly because I tend to stick with the same authors and the same publishing houses. So when this book went on sale I figured why not give it a try. Some of the things that spoke to  me about this book was that it is a second chance romance, which I love, and that it mentions in the blurb that this had a lot of drama, I think it even mentioned it being kind of soap opera type drama. I don’t know maybe I was in the mood for drama when I bought it, but I was ready to try it out.

Unfortunately for me, I did not like this book at all. I’m one of those people who don’t like to leave things unfinished, it happens, but it’s rare. And with this book I wanted to stop reading on numerous occasions, but I stuck it out. I guess where a lot of my problems are is the style of writing. Just the way that writing flowed was kind of simple and almost juvenile, it didn’t seem like a super polished writing style. It also wasn’t very complex, or even mildly complex, a lot of the situations and characters in the book don’t really ever develop reasoning for their actions or thoughts or really anything. It started for me with the characters suddenly being in love in the past, it just seemed like it went like this, “we’re dating,” the next day, “oh we are so in love,” and then right around the corner, “let’s get married.” It just wasn’t at all believable. This continued particularly with the situation at the end with the mother, the “bad guy” if he will basically kind of shows up out of nowhere, like a paragraph is used to explain why he did what he did, and the whole thing is resolved in like one chapter, it’s super bizarre.

Also another problem I had with this book is that you could honestly erase maybe 90% of the chapters that took place in the past (which was almost every other chapter), they honestly don’t move the story along, the 10% you can keep is basically establishing they are a couple and then why they broke up, the rest is just the two of them in the bedroom. And it’s not like all the bedroom scenes were in the past (again this was like every other chapter), there were plenty of bedroom scenes in the present too, so sometimes you went from a past chapter that was all bedroom and when the present chapter started right after it was back in the bedroom. Even some of the ways that the bedroom scenes were described was terrible, I mean the girl in the story says on numerous occasions that their bedroom activities has resulted in like physical pain, I think she even says her cervix is sore, which was like oh my god why did I just read that. I don’t know if the author thought that was hot or something, but it was not.

Anyways, this book is a super big pass for me. I did finish it, so I won’t give it one star, but I don’t recommend it.

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