Missed Connections by Tamara Mataya

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Missed Connections by Tamara MatayaMissed Connections by Tamara Mataya
Format: eARC
Published by Sourcebooks Source: Netgalley
Genres: Coming of Age, Contemporary Romance, Friends With Benefits, Friendship, Love Triangle, New Adult, Romance
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Sarah spends her nights cruising Craigslist personal ads, dreaming of finding a romantic entry all about her. She knows who she wants, but best friend and regular hookup Jack is not the serious commitment type. Sarah's stung feelings are soothed when she begins an online-only relationship, but there's only so much of Sarah to go around. Torn between the bad boy she can't keep and the sensitive stranger who bares his soul online, her heart and body are in two very different relationships… or are they?

So the whole idea behind missed connections is really interesting, I’ve seen that section on Craigslist before and the idea for it it just kind of bizarre, but yet interesting. I always wondered if people actually read these things and actually connect with people. So the fact that this book has a lot to do with missed connections made it appeal to me.

So when the book starts we meet our lovely heroine, Sarah. She is down on her luck, she’s lost her job and apartment, she’s boyfriendless, and she is crashing on her best friends couch while she tries to get a job pretty much anywhere on the planet. I totally understood how she felt about the whole picking herself up after following down, and oh my gosh the interview with the crazy hippies at the beginning, that was absolutely hilarious. So Sarah gets this job that finally gets her life going on the right track, but honestly its the job from hell, I mean she works for a bunch of new age hippies, but they are some of the most judgmental new age people I have ever seen (or read). So there were actually a lot of things I liked about Sarah, how she pushes forward to make a life for herself and doesn’t stop, I like how she handles herself in a horrible working environment, but there were also some things I didn’t love about her. I felt like through a lot of the book she was kind of clueless about what was really going on in terms of her love life. Also she is constantly thinking about how bad her job is and how it probably isn’t all that secure, but she doesn’t seem to be actively trying to find another job, it’s like she’s waiting for the shoe to drop and her to be S.O.L. all over again.

As for our hero, I really did like him. I also really wish we had more of him in the book. His name is Jack and he is the twin brother of Sarah’s best friend (the guy who’s couch she is crashing on). You actually don’t get to know Jack all that well, I mean you know he’s a DJ and that he seems to be a pretty decent guy who has done well for himself, but you still don’t really get to know much more than that. I liked how he pushed for more with Sarah then just a physical relationship, but he never pushed so hard that it bothered me. He was there for her whenever she needed him and he was basically her champion whenever she needed one. My biggest problem with this guy is that I didn’t get to know him as much as I would have liked to.

All in all this book was a cute, fast romance. There was definitely some hot scenes, and some really funny ones as well (enter the new age hippies). It was easy to see where the book was going, but it was still a fun little read for me.

About Tamara Mataya

Tamara Mataya is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, a librarian, and a musician with synesthesia. Armed with a name tag and a thin veneer of credibility, she takes great delight in recommending books and shushing people. She puts the ‘she’ in TWSS and the B in LGBTQIA+. She’s the co-creator of Pitchmas, a bi-annual pitch contest for writers, and as a freelance editor, has worked with NYT Bestselling authors.

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