Strum Your Heart Out by Crystal Kaswell

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Strum Your Heart Out by Crystal KaswellStrum Your Heart Out by Crystal Kaswell
Series: Sinful Serenade #2
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Genres: Best Friends, Contemporary Romance, Musician, New Adult, Romance
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College senior Kara Kendrick is not about to let lust ruin a good friendship. Yes, her rock star guitarist best friend Drew Denton is stubborn, guarded, and quick to threaten violence on anyone who hurts her. He's also trustworthy, protective, and several degrees hotter than the sun.

When Kara gets kicked out of her apartment, Drew insists she move in with him. But her crush isn't quite so manageable with him sweating through his push-ups. Or stepping out of the shower clad in only a towel. Or tackling her on the bed, tickling her to make her confess.

There's no way they can be together. Not if she wants to keep her secrets. No matter how much her body begs her to throw herself on his bed, no matter how desperately she wants to rip off his v-neck and rake her hands over his defined torso, Kara is staying just friends with Drew.

Until she's not. Until they're kissing and touching and about to do something that will change their friendship forever.

I’ve had a Kindle Unlimited subscription for a while, but I never really use it as much as I really should, so I have been trying to borrow more books lately and this was one of the books that I picked. I picked this book because I love rock star romances, and I also really like when best friends hook up. Part of the reason this book really stood out to me was that it seemed like of low key, I mean the hero is a rock star, but the premise is basically his best friend moves in with him, that’s pretty relatable.

So Kara is a senior in college and getting ready to start her life, which seems to be pretty preplanned by her mother, when really she has other dreams of being a teacher instead. Well one day her roommate basically kicks her out with like next to no notice, she’s kind of freaking out about it. So when her overprotective best friends offers to get a place together, she comes around pretty quickly to the idea. The problem lies in the fact that she is pretty attracted to him (he’s a super hot rock star so that’s kind of a given) but she also has a lot of personal issues. Kara is super insecure about herself, she has a history of cutting, and because of that she’s left with scars. Unfortunately in the past people have had bad reactions to her scars and she is now super ashamed of them and never wants to open herself up to the point where anyone sees or feels them. I felt like this whole issue was pretty well done, and I have known women in similar situations and I think it’s relatable the way she portrayed the situations. I felt for Kara and I wanted her to get her happy ending.

As for our resident heartthrob, Drew, he’s a great guy. I mean he really protective of Kara, you can tell that he cares about her and I love how not only was he there for her when she was in a tough spot with her roommate, but he also encourages her. I like how he pushes her to go after the things she actual wants in life and not the things she has to do. I also thought he was incredibly patient with her and her hangups. I really just liked him as a character, sure he has his own set of hangups, but honestly he was just a really nice guy.

Overall, I liked this book, I liked the characters and their chemistry and how great they interacted with each other. This was a great addition to the kindle unlimited selection, it was a quick read for me and just a good book.

About Crystal Kaswell

Crystal Kaswell writes steamy new adult and erotic romance books. She loves when flawed characters fall head over heels for each other. Especially if they fall into bed first. She loves police procedurals, tea, and The Hunger Games series. She lives in Portland, OR with her husband.

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