Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren

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Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly LaurenBeautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren
Series: Broken #1
Format: eBook
Published by Montlake Source: Kindle Unlimited
Genres: College, Coming of Age, Contemporary Romance, Friends With Benefits, New Adult
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The most valuable lesson Emerson Moore ever learned was from her parents: Never get too attached to someone else. That’s why this hard-partying college student plays by her own code of bedroom conduct, refusing to stay with the same guy for too long. She gets all the pleasure of having a good time without the messiness of a relationship.. So what if frat house–hopping has earned her a certain reputation around campus? At least no one gets hurt this way—especially her.

When ridiculously gorgeous Jaxon Riley moves in next door, Emerson’s not sure how long her vow against emotional intimacy can last. Jaxon’s tattoo, muscles, and sexy voice make him tempting, but he also seems to really understand her…until his jealous ex-girlfriend and Emerson’s life-changing discovery about her parents get thrown into the mix. After everything she’s been through, can Emerson handle a real relationship? Or will breaking her rules just lead to a broken heart?

Every once in a while I pick up a book from Kindle Unlimited that I completely totally love, this was one of those books. I loved this book from beginning to end, there was just so much going on that I liked, that I was beyond happy I rented this book. First things first, I love a good college romance, and more than that I love when the characters actually feel like real people who actually go to college, and not some super nice, clean cut version of what people really are. Life is messy, people are flawed, and I love when books put that up front and in your face.

Emerson is the culmination of so many girls I knew when I was in my early 20s. She’s flawed, she has painful history, both her parents dying on the same day in a car accident after being long divorced (read between the lines here), oh and did I mention it was her birthday. Needless to say she doesn’t really believe in relationships, not just because she doesn’t trust them, but because the idea of letting anyone get too close and having to endure that kind of heartbreak again, it just not something she can handle. I like how up front she was about her rules, about how she has sleep with quite a few people and has no real intention of stopping, but mostly I liked her actual relationships with people, her sister Quinn and her best friend Cole, she is so close to them and so comfortable, you can just tell how much she loves them even she can’t say the words.

And then comes the lovely Jaxon, the hot guy with tattoos, who when she first meets him gets to watch her do a walk of shame in nothing but her undies. Jaxon is attracted to her from day one, plus he is roommates with Cole which makes him neighbors with Em and Quinn. He’s new at school, and only has eyes for Em. I loved how accepting Jaxon was when it came to Em, I mean he didn’t really judge her, and tried his best to understand her and be there for her. That’s not to say that everyone was completely on board with a Em/Jaxon hook up, Cole was terrified that Jaxon was going to break Em, and it would mean that he would lose both Em & Quinn in his life. I did feel like Jaxon made some seriously mistakes at certain points in the book, there were moments where my heart was breaking, full on, I was just waiting for the ugly cry to start.

I really did love this book, it was a great cast of characters, especially the secondary characters (making a great set up for a series). I loved the pacing, I couldn’t put the book down. The hot and sexy scenes were perfect and great, just the right about of heat, but didn’t overpower character development. All in all this was a great book for me, I highly recommend it, especially if you have KU like I do.

About Kimberly Lauren

Kimberly Lauren is the bestselling author of Beautiful Broken Rules, Beautiful Broken Mess and Beautiful Broken Promises. Kimberly currently lives in Texas with her husband, son and their three dogs. She is a wanderer, an adventurer, and a traveler. She hasn’t seen it all but it’s on her list. Lately, if she’s not traveling or chasing a toddler she gets some time to write a book.

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