Cuff Me by Lauren Layne

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Cuff Me by Lauren LayneCuff Me by Lauren Layne
Series: New York's Finest
Format: eARC
Published by Grand Central Publishing Source: Netgalley
Genres: Alpha Guy, Best Friends, Contemporary Romance, Law Enforcement, Mystery, Romance, Suspense
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Vincent Moretti is one of the NYPD's top homicide detectives-and one of the most eligible bachelors in town. His family, however, thinks he should date his longtime partner, Jill-a sassy, sexy, smart-mouthed blonde who drives him absolutely crazy.

Behind the quiet authority, tough-guy demeanor, and dark aviator glasses lies a man with a big soul-and a hard body that can soften any girl's heart. After years as his coworker, Jill Henley has given up hope that anything could happen between her and Vin. Besides, loving him would break all the rules. But seeing Jill with someone else triggers feelings in Vincent he never knew he had. Now he'll have to stop playing good cop/bad cop-and find a way to convince her to be his partner for life. . .

This is I believe the second book in the series that I have read, and I have to admit when I was reading the other book, I was intrigued by Vin and Jill. Going into the story I knew that Vin and Jill are detectives in the NYPD and that they have a quite interesting relationship dynamic. There are times when they almost seem hostile towards each other, but at the same time they also seemed to care about each other deeply. I was pretty excited to see how these two people actually felt about each other from their own POVs.

So when the book starts we have Jill returning to New York City after many months away helping to take care of her mom after her mom had an accident. She is without a doubt excited to be back in NYC, and to see Vin, but also the rest of his family as well, who have all become family to her. Only after such a long time away, thing have changed for Jill, who has taken steps to get the only thing she has really ever wanted, to be loved. I liked Jill, but then again I always have. She’s really sweet, always has a smile, she just has an optimistic feel to her. I honestly think that in some instances, where the book started to kind of slow a little Jill’s personality is what kept me intrigued.

As for Vin, well he is without a doubt one of those brooding guys. I liked him, I don’t even really know how to explain why exactly I liked him. He’s not exactly what you would call emotional, he like intentionally avoids having emotional reactions to things out loud, he keeps them completely internalizes, in my opinion kind of keeping his life and his relationships from being meaningful. Thankfully he’s not a damaged guy or anything, just for lack of a better word, reserved, well reserved squared.

I personally love friends to lovers romances, because I like people who have a deep rooted history to kind of work off of. Also I liked the way the author handled this romance, it was a slow build up, which for me always makes the payoff way more interesting. Also I liked the backdrop of this story, as I have in other books in this series. The cop elements of the story always do a great job of adding in heightened emotions or situations at just the right moments, in this case it also gave the characters some much needed incentive to finally really act on things.

Overall I thought this was a good addition to the series, I liked the characters, I liked the romance, I liked the heat, I liked the suspense. Overall it was pretty good.

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About Lauren Layne

Lauren Layne is the USA Today bestselling author of more than a dozen romantic comedies. She lives in New York City with her husband (who was her high school sweetheart–cute, right?!) and plus-sized Pomeranian.

In 2011, she ditched her corporate career in Seattle to pursue a full-time writing career in Manhattan, and never looked back.

In her ideal world, every stiletto-wearing, Kate Spade wielding woman would carry a Kindle stocked with Lauren Layne books.

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