Wyoming Rugged by Diana Palmer

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Wyoming Rugged by Diana PalmerWyoming Rugged by Diana Palmer
Series: Wyoming Men #5
Format: eARC
Published by Harlequin Source: Netgalley
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Billionaire oilman Blair Coleman has always taken care of his business. After having been used and cast aside by a woman he thought he loved, his personal life is far from his first priority. He knows only one has ever truly cared for him—but the irresistible blonde beauty is the daughter of his best friend.

Niki Ashton has seen her father's friend wounded and she's seen him fight. Blair is the strongest—and most stubborn—man she's ever known. That very heart and passion makes him the man of her dreams, but whenever they've been in danger of getting close, Blair has always pushed her away.

It takes a possible tragedy to strip away all of Blair's misgivings. Now it's all or nothing: marriage, baby, family, forever. But will the choice be too much for Niki…or too late?

So I picked up this book because I have read Diana Palmer before, I read Lawless and I enjoyed it, so I figured I would enjoy this book as well. This almost never happens to me, but this was a book I legitimately could not finish. I had a hard time with this book right from the beginning, but in general for me I won’t declare a book DNF until I make it to at least 10-20%. So I stuck it out for a while with this book, but it did not get any better for me.

So my biggest problems with this book was basically the writing style and the way speech patterns of the characters. As for the writing style, the POV just felt weird, and stiff, like as if someone people watching was narrating what was happening, like it was kind of generic with a lot more telling then showing. And the way the characters talk was not believable. In the first chapter is basically starts with Niki, the heroine, going on a bad blind date (or at least your told she’s on a bad blind date), who upon dropping her off at her father’s house basically tries to rape her. And while that is horrible, it was painful to read, not just because of the subject matter but because of how it written. Ms. Palmer illustrates of vulnerable Niki is by saying, “Even though she wasn’t a tiny girl, she was slender, and she had no martial arts skills at all.” Oh and the way the would be rapist announce his intentions was written in a speech pattern I have never heard a college student use, “Girls who date me always give out.” I assume she meant put out, not give out, but its just an illustration of the problem with basically ever piece of dialogue I read.

I couldn’t finish this book, I wish I could, but it was too hard for me. If you’re a big fan of Diana Palmer, then I could see picking up this book, but other than that I would have to say this was a pass.

About Diana Palmer

Susan Eloise Spaeth was born on 11 December 1946 in Cuthbert, Georgia, USA. She began selling romances in 1979 as Diana Palmer. She also used the pseudonyms Diana Blayne and Katy Currie, and her married name: Susan Kyle. Now, she has over 40 million copies of her books in print, which have been translated and published around the world. She is listed in numerous publications, including Contemporary Authors by Gale Research, Inc., Twentieth Century Romance and Historical Writers by St. James Press, The Writers Directory by St. James Press, the International Who’s Who of Authors and Writers by Meirose Press, Ltd., and Love’s Leading Ladies by Kathryn Falk. Her awards include seven Waldenbooks national sales awards, four B. Dalton national sales awards, two Bookrak national sales awards, a Lifetime Achievement Award for series storytelling from Romantic Times, several Affaire de Coeur awards, and two regional RWA awards.

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