Tied Bond by Emma Hart

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Tied Bond by Emma HartTied Bond by Emma Hart
Series: Holly Woods Files #4
Format: eARC
Source: Author
Genres: Alpha Guy, Contemporary Romance, Law Enforcement, Mystery, Romance, Small Town Romance, Suspense
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Holly Woods is going to hell in a handbasket—but this time, Satanists aren’t to blame. Halloween is.

Nonna doesn’t understand why there are skeletons and demons everywhere. Mom is threatening to stitch a devil into Nonna’s pillowcase if she doesn’t shut up. Bek is bumbling over a date with Jason, the handsome FBI agent who conveniently got himself relocated to Austin, and I… Well. I’m considering running away to a town without the crazies.

Nothing new here.

Everything is going smoothly—too smoothly—and I can’t shake the feeling that something is about to happen. Drake insists I’m being paranoid… But when a body turns up at the Holly Woods Halloween party, we have a whole lot more than a murderer to worry about.

Because the prime suspect is his mom.

And it’s my job to prove she’s innocent.

I think it’s fairly well known at the this point how much I completely, 100% love Emma Hart, but more specifically how much I love this series. I have been following along with this series from the very beginning and I can tell you one of my favorite things about it is watching how the relationship between Drake and Noelle have evolved. The great thing about this relationship is that it unfolds so organically, it starts out all lusty and then turns into something so much more real and more meaningful.

As is common with this series, this book keeps it all in the family. Our dead guy used to be Drake’s stepdad, and guess who the number one suspect is in this murder, you guessed it, his mom! All this creates a big deviation from the norm with this book, Drake is not the cop on the case, in fact he’s barely even allowed in the building. Oh and Noelle and her family, oh well lets just say there are lines being drawn and feelings being seriously hurt between her and one of her brothers.

I felt like this book actually went by a little bit faster then the other book, maybe the pacing was just a tad bit faster, but it made the book feel a little bit shorter, which I have to admit makes me a little bit sad. The mystery in this book was interesting, and I will fully admit I didn’t guess who the killer was right off the bat, it took me a second. But the mystery in this book wasn’t nearly as all consuming as it was in the other books, and the murder itself didn’t carry a big emotional impact like some of the other murders in the past books. Most of the emotional elements of this book is less focused on the murder itself and rather the effect of the murder on the characters we have all come to know and love in this series.

I did without a doubt enjoy this book, but it wasn’t my favorite in the series. I still love the heat going on between Drake and Noelle, and honestly Mrs. Hart is one of the few authors I know who can write a sex scene that much closer to reality (thank you lord!). Drake and Noelle take some steps in their relationship in this book, and I have to say that is what has me the most excited about the future books in the series, I can’t wait to see what happens next in this fantastic series. If you haven’t picked up this series yet, you totally should, the mystery and comedy in these books is just some of the best written I have read in a long time. So check it out!

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I pinch her. “Don’t you have a date to be on?”

“A date? You have a date?”

“That’s the third time someone has asked me that. Why is that so surprising to everyone?” Bek holds out one hand, fixing wide eyes on Drake.

“Because your last ‘date’ was signing up to Match-dot-com,” he reminds her.

Looks like he’s dropped the arresting thing.

Damn it.

“It was right after Tinder Dick turned out to be fifty years old and cheating on his wife,” he goes on.

Ah. Yeah. My bad on that one. I had a gut feeling that Tinder Dick wasn’t the hunky summin’ summin’ in his picture. Let’s just say Carlton was pretty scared and tried to get a day off after being subjected to the horrors of a fifty year old man’s penis.

Not that I’m saying fifty year old men have horrid penises. I guess cock shots while the Viagra is still in the shot would be pretty damn scary to a twenty-something guy in the prime of his life.

Bek shudders. “Thanks for the reminder.”

“Who’s your date with?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“I’m nosey.”

“Who has a date?” a familiar voice interrupts.

“The hell did you come fro—what the fuck are you wearing?” I stare at my youngest brother.

“I’m Thor. You know. The superhero.” Brody tugs on the cape.

“Doesn’t he have a hammer?”

“Yep. But he isn’t the only one that can lift it.” Brody grins, prompting Drake to laugh next to me.

“I’m not even dignifying that with a response, Brodes. That’s the worst pick up line I’ve ever heard.”

“That’s what she said before she picked it up.”

“How old are you?” I wrinkle my face up.

“Can we get back to the question? Who has a date?”

“I have a date!” Bek snaps. “Yes. I have a date. It’s not that surprising.”

“You have a date?” Brody frowns. “Since when did you date?”

“Since before you knew how to get your cock hard, idiot.”

“Oooh, damn,” Drake hisses under his breath. His fingers twitch against my waist.

No shit. It’s like tension is carpet bombing the fuck out of us. I feel like an intruder, and that’s saying something.

Brody’s eyes narrow. “You’re starting to piss me off, Bek.”

“I’m sure Melanie will cheer you up when you show her your hammer.”

“What is your problem?”

“Apparently my problem is that I have a date!”

Yeah. If that’s the problem, I’m a drunk, lesbian nun with triplets and a pet skunk.

Brody looks at the glass in her hand. “How much has she had?”

“Not enough for your bullshit, clearly,” Drake claps him on the shoulder. “You should go find Melanie before whatever is in Bek’s glass ends up on you, man.”

Smart man. That’s why I like him.

That and he hasn’t run away screaming yet.



About Emma Hart

Emma Hart is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over twenty novels and has been translated into several different languages. She first put fingers to keys at the age of eighteen after her husband told her she read too much and should write her own.
Four years later, she’s still figuring out what he meant when he said she ‘read too much.’

She prides herself on writing smart smut that’s filled with dry wit, snappy, sarcastic comebacks, but lots of heart… And sex. Sometimes, she kills people. (Disclaimer: In books. But if you bug her, she’ll use your name for the victims.)

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