Tethered Bond by Emma Hart

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Tethered Bond by Emma HartTethered Bond by Emma Hart
Series: Holly Woods Files #3
Format: eBook
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Genres: Alpha Guy, Contemporary Romance, Law Enforcement, Mystery, Romance, Small Town Romance, Suspense
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Detective Drake Nash: hot, alpha, bossy, and… mine.

Now, if someone could tell his ex that... I don’t care if the summer fayre is coming to Holly Woods and she’s on the planning committee. What I do care about is sugar-filled food, bright lights, late nights… and danger. The type that won’t come in the form of Nonna’s new cantankerous British parrot, Gio. (Please see the damage done to Mom’s new curtains.)

Unfortunately, when the danger comes, it comes in the form of something Holly Woods has never seen. The town is rocked to its core, and once again, I’m in danger. Only this time, it isn’t because of my clients—this time, I’m in danger because of who I am… Because of my heritage.

And despite the HWPD’s best efforts, the bodies keep on piling up.

Drake’s determined to protect me. I’m determined that I can do it myself.

Danger. Mystery. Darkness. Malice.

It’ll be a miracle if any of us make it out of this with guns unfired, cupcakes still frosted, and hearts intact…

 It’s no secret how much I love Emma Hart, she’s just a fantastic writer, and this particular series is I think my favorite of hers. Part of what I love about this series is that they really build on each other, I think you could probably get away with reading them as stand-alones, but you would be missing out on so much awesomeness. I love how much each one of these books makes me laugh as well as has me so emotionally invested in the characters that I am sad when they are sad, and scared when they are scared.

So we pick up on this book pretty much where we left off in the previous one, Drake’s ex is back in town, and forcing her way in as much as she can to Drake’s life, and of course there is always some kind of murder mystery element going on. It’s time for the summer fair, which I suppose is one of Holly Woods biggest attractions, and of course something is amiss just in time for the event.

I do have to say, that the mystery in this book, or rather the killings in this book are a bit more dark then before, this goes into serial killer territory. You can tell that this case is really taking a toll on the people who are involved in it, especially with everyone’s favorite heroine, Noelle. And like always, I do love Noelle. She still has that spark about her, she has this great sassy attitude that just always makes me smile. I really love how she holds her own, how she always goes for what she wants.

Everyone’s favorite grandmother is back and she is full form, I mean Nonna makes everything hilarious. And as if she needed props to make things hilarious, she acquired herself a lovely little parrot who basically says the most inappropriate things on the planet, but he does it in such a way that is just perfect, and it’s great how much Noelle is so annoyed by this parrot, and also how Drake finds the whole thing kind of hilarious.

And as for our hero Drake, man I feel for him sometimes. He is in a tough spot, I mean he wants to keep Noelle safe, but she is one heck of an independent woman, so figuring out how to walk the line between being a good boyfriend and protecting her and well… not pissing her off. I really love the chemistry between the Drake and Noelle, and I loved watching them with their growing pains.

There is a lot that can be said about this book, but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, so what I will say is that it is a great addition to the series, and I without a doubt loved the book. I can’t wait to see what happens next in the series. If you haven’t picked up this series yet, you should, like ASAP.

About Emma Hart

Emma Hart is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over twenty novels and has been translated into several different languages. She first put fingers to keys at the age of eighteen after her husband told her she read too much and should write her own.
Four years later, she’s still figuring out what he meant when he said she ‘read too much.’

She prides herself on writing smart smut that’s filled with dry wit, snappy, sarcastic comebacks, but lots of heart… And sex. Sometimes, she kills people. (Disclaimer: In books. But if you bug her, she’ll use your name for the victims.)

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