Reckless River by Lindsay Cross

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Reckless River by Lindsay CrossReckless River by Lindsay Cross
Series: Men of Mercy #3
Format: eARC
Source: Author
Genres: Alpha Guy, Contemporary Romance, Military, Revenge, Romance, Small Town Romance, Suspense
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They say you can’t go home again. Jared Crowe never wanted to.

Home meant facing memories of abuse and neglect. Of dark closets and evil nightmares. Of his own relatives intent on killing him. But now his brother’s kidnapping forces him to face those demons. Only this time, Jared isn’t a scared little boy. He’s a full-grown Special Forces operative bent on revenge.

As a little girl, Sparrow Pickney risked her life to free two abused boys. As a grown woman Sparrow needs to earn a place in her adopted family’s business or be forced into a life of degradation. The chance to prove her family loyalty comes when she catches Jared spying on the compound and captures him.

When Jared sees his captor, he realizes she’s the girl of his dreams and vows to rescue her from a life of poverty. What Jared doesn’t know is Sparrow may not be the savior he remembers…but the one responsible for abducting and torturing his brother.

Jared is determined to find the truth. But that truth may be more than his heart can take.

So this is book three in the series, and I have to say I was a little bit surprised at the direction this book took. But first I want to kind of talk about the series. So in the first two books we are learning more about Scorpion but it focuses mostly on the James brothers and their hometown of Mercy (hence the series name). There is kind of a multi book story arc that starts in book one with their investigation into a terrorist organization, and let me tell you, I really enjoy that storyline, it was so suspenseful and just great to read. So when we entered into this book I was really expecting the book to continue on with the storyline and answer some questions that were left unknown from the second book, and most importantly I really thought this book would start out in Mercy. But this book was about a the Crowe brothers, and it starts off in their hometown, with a whole new set of circumstances, backstory, and a lot of new and complex people and situations to deal with.

So the reason why I gave this book a three star rating really comes down to just personal preferences, and honestly it is nothing against the author, because I really do like her writing and her ability to write excited storylines. But the book starts off in like backwoods mountain hillbilly area, and the characters all talk and act in a dialect I just could not tolerate. Don’t get me wrong, I love an accent, or other country dialects, but when the grammar or speech patterns are just so far off from what I use in my daily life, I have a HARD time reading it. This is so just a personal hangup, and I am beyond positive there are people out there for won’t have this issue and it won’t phase them at all.

So I did actually enjoy Jared, I mean I can understand his motivations to get revenge for the way that he and his brother were treated when they were children. And I really love how devoted Jared is to his brother. He has just the right amount of good guy angry bravado. Sparrow on the other hand I wasn’t really a fan of, I think it was more of a product of where she was and how she grew up, but I really didn’t like any of the characters that lived on that mountain. I also thought the whole sexual component of the book started waaaaay to early, I mean Jared is like tied up and being threatened with torture to get him to talk, and yet Sparrow the virgin and him are in the middle of this bizarre nooky for information dynamic. Didn’t work for me.

So while I didn’t necessarily love this book in the series, that doesn’t mean I am counting out this series as a whole. I think I will for sure be continuing with the series, as I am really looking forward to getting to know a lot of the other characters that have been introduced along the way.

About Lindsay Cross

Lindsay Cross is the award-winning author of the Men of Mercy series. She is the fun loving mom of two beautiful daughters and one precocious Great Dane. Lindsay is happily married to the man of her dreams – a soldier and veteran. During one of her husband’s deployments from home, writing became her escape and motivation.

An avid reader since childhood, reading and writing is in her blood. After years of reading, she discovered her true passion – writing. Her alpha military men are damaged, drop-dead gorgeous and determined to win the heart of the woman of their dreams.

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