Hold Me Until Morning by Christina Phillips

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Hold Me Until Morning by Christina PhillipsHold Me Until Morning by Christina Phillips
Series: Grayson Brothers #2
Format: eARC
Published by Entangled Source: Netgalley
Genres: Alpha Guy, Best Friends Sister, Contemporary Romance, Motorcycles, Movie Star, New Adult, Romance
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She's the one girl he should never touch...

Cooper Grayson is supposed to hole up in a mountain cabin and protect his best friend's little sister from the paparazzi for a week. That's it. But Paris O'Connell isn't a kid anymore, and it's hard to remember this isstrictly business when she bats her big green eyes at him...then crashes through all his carefully placed boundaries.

Paris loves a challenge. And gorgeous Cooper Grayson is the most dangerous challenge she's faced yet. He ignores the sizzling attraction that keeps her awake at nights, and he doesn't care about her fame or her contacts, only seeing her. When they finally kiss, Cooper leaves her bare. Exposed. His for the taking. And take he does...

For one incredibly hot week, Cooper fulfils her every fantasy. But when the real world crashes in, so does reality. And reality tells them there's no way a Hollywood star and a bad boy from the wrong side of town could ever have a future together...

So I am a sucker for romances that involve a guy falling for his best friends younger sister. I love the whole inherently forbidden aspect of it, because nine times out of ten the couple in questions hides the relationship from everyone and it just makes it all the more exciting. The characters in this book definitely kept their relationship under wraps, but that had more to do with the fact that Paris is a Hollywood actress and she’s trying to escape from that world for a while. Sounded like to me that this book had all the right elements for me to enjoy it.

Paris, our heroine, has been working on the same prime time soap since she was a young teenager, and at this point she has had enough. You can’t blame her for wanting a life outside of the glitz and glammer of it all, especially since there have been some real after effects from this way of life. I felt kind of sorry for Paris while reading this book, she has no idea who she can trust, she’s very isolated (even though she is surrounded by people all the time), and her mother has created an environment for her that is based on only letting people around her that can do something for her. Paris just wants to be normal, she just wants to have people in her life she can talk to. She was in no way expecting to be attracted to the guy her brother sent with her to keep her safe during her cabin hideout. I wanted Paris to have normal, and every time she got a little taste of normal, I felt so happy for her.

So Cooper is doing is best friend a favor, watch over Paris while she hides out at the cabin to avoid the paparazzi and her mother. Cooper finds Paris super attractive and is constantly having to remind himself to not go there because she is after all, his best friends little sister. Cooper is clearly a hot guy, and a good guy. But what I wasn’t expecting from Cooper is that he was not nearly as self-confident as I would have expected from a motorcycle riding bodyguard. Cooper has never really had a relationship before, and so when he and Paris start getting into that territory he is completely clueless about how to go about it, and he finds himself doubting himself and sometimes even Paris because he’s not super confident. I liked watching Cooper grow throughout the book and I totally wanted him to get his happy ending.

I really enjoyed the book, I liked the story and I really liked the characters. I love the whole best friends little sister thing, and I loved how it was combined with Paris being a celebrity and all the complications that come with that, it really made things more interesting. I liked the how the relationships that Paris had with her family were explored throughout the book. All in all, if you like celebrity romances or best friends little sister romances, then this is a book you should check out.
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Cooper forcibly unclenched his fists and stood. He’d been a fucking idiot, but he had to face Paris sooner or later. If he were her, he’d fire himself on the spot.

He turned round. She was clutching her helmet and biting her lip. He took a deep breath and went over to her.

“Hey.” His voice was gruff, and the way she kind of angled her body away from him didn’t help. He resisted the urge to cup her chin and make her look at him. “Look. That shouldn’t have happened. It won’t happen again.”

Heat flared through him. It wouldn’t happen again, but hell if he didn’t want it to. Except, next time, he’d make damn sure he had an entire box of condoms handy.

There wasn’t going to be a next time. She’d only turned to him because she’d been hyped up by the chase—not because she really wanted him. Why the hell would a girl like Paris want someone like him?

She didn’t answer, unless he counted the shrug she gave him. She wasn’t going to let him off the hook that easy, and he didn’t blame her.

He was supposed to be protecting her, and for the last God knows how long all that had been on his mind was how fucking irresistible she was.

He cleared his throat. “It’s no excuse, but we weren’t followed. There’s nobody here. We weren’t seen.”

She glanced up at him then, her pink lips parted. Don’t think about her lips. He definitely wasn’t going to think about how she’d fallen apart, clutching him as though he was the only thing in her world. It left every wet dream he’d ever had in the dust.

“Right.” She nodded and shuffled a couple of steps back from him. “That…that’s good. I, uh, was worried about that.”

Guilt snaked through him. “I’m sorry.” More than she’d ever know, and for more reasons than he would ever admit. “You want to get back home?”

“Mm.” She nodded again and jammed the helmet over her head. He got on his bike, and she swung her leg over but didn’t cling to him like she had before.

He told himself that was a good thing.

They passed nothing suspicious on the way back. At least he’d lost their tail. He attempted to whip up some anger against the bastard but couldn’t, because if not for him, the mind blowing hookup with Paris would never have happened. No way would she have wrapped herself around him otherwise—and no matter what he told her, the truth was he couldn’t regret a second of it.

Shit, this week was going to kill him.


By the time they arrived at the cabin, Cooper had convinced himself he’d dodged a bullet. She hadn’t gone crazy, which meant she was willing to overlook his unprofessional behavior. He sure as shit couldn’t—not only because he was supposed to be watching out for her this week, but because she was Scott’s little sister.

Before they’d even gotten off the bike, Scott’s Kawasaki roared along the dirt road and into the front yard. Cooper stared in disbelief as Paris’s brother dismounted and strolled toward them. Of all the times he had to turn up. It was like he knew Cooper had crossed the line.

“Hey.” Scott pulled off his helmet and grinned. “How’s it going?”

Fucking great. Cooper turned to give Paris a hand, but she managed without any help.

“Fine.” She pulled off her own helmet and a sprinkle of leaves on the back of her wig drew his attention like a great big neon sign. “What’re you doing here?”

“First, I wanted to make sure you hadn’t trashed my car.” Scott shot his SUV a pointed look. “And second, why haven’t you answered any of my calls? I don’t mean with text messages. You’ve been avoiding talking to me.”

“That’s right.” She strolled to the front door as though nothing had happened between them. Some of Cooper’s tension eased. Obviously heavy make out sessions in the forest weren’t that big a deal to her. Strangely, that bugged him.

Paris continued, “What makes you think I want to talk to you when I’m having a week off from everything?”

“If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t even have taken this week off.”

She opened the door and pulled a face at her brother. “Yes, I would. I’m not completely helpless.”

Scott wrapped his arm around her shoulders and gave her a rough hug. He looked back at Cooper and grimaced. “My baby sister. Try not to kill her this week, won’t you? I know she’d drive a saint mad.”

“Good thing I’m no saint, then.”

She had pulled off her shades, and for a second he caught her glance. The ghost of a smile touched her lips as though she was remembering what he’d said to her. Before he got his shit together and smiled back, she’d disappeared inside the cabin.

About Christina Phillips

Christina Phillips is an ex-pat Brit who now lives in sunny Western Australia with her high school sweetheart and their family. She enjoys writing paranormal, historical and contemporary romance but whether the hero is a fallen angel, tough warrior or sexy mortal, the romance will be sizzling and the heroine will bring her hero to his knees.

Christina is addicted to good coffee, expensive chocolate and bad boy heroes. She is also owned by three gorgeous cats who are convinced the universe revolves around their needs. They are not wrong.

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