The Finn Factor by Rachel Bailey

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The Finn Factor by Rachel BaileyThe Finn Factor by Rachel Bailey
Format: eARC
Published by Entangled Source: Netgalley
Genres: Best Friends, College, Contemporary Romance, Romance
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Sometimes all a girl needs is a little practice...

It's been twelve months, three days, and eleven hours since accounting student Scarlett Logan made it past a second date. A pitcher of mojitos in hand, she employs her supreme graphing skills to narrow things down to one horrifying explanation. Kissing. Clearly someone needs to teach her how to kiss properly. Like, say, her best friend and roomie, Finn Mackenzie. He's safe, he's convenient, and yeah, maybe just a little gorgeous.

Finn knows exactly why Scarlett's boyfriends are disappearing quickly. Him. Not a single guy she's brought home is nearly good enough. And he'll be damned if he lets some loser give her "kissing lessons." No. He'll do the honors, thank you very much. The moment their lips touch, though, everything turns upside down. But Scarlett deserves the one thing Finn can't give her. And if he doesn't put an end to the sexy little shenanigans, he'll teach Scarlett the hardest lesson of all...heartbreak.

This was one of those books for me that got better as it went on. I have read a couple of books where there are two friends and they enter into one of those either “lesson giving” dynamics or a friends with benefits thing, and I really enjoy that kind of storyline, what can I say I am sucker for a friends to lovers story. So I was looking forward to reading this book.

So our heroine Scarlett is convinced that something is wrong with her because her dating history is not stellar at all, like she can’t get past one or two dates. So she goes to her best friend and roommate, Finn, to figure out what is going on. She figures that it’s kissing, she must be a bad kisser, so she talks Finn into giving her lessons (hello recipe for disaster). In the beginning of the book I didn’t really bond with Scarlett, but as the book goes on and you learn more about her it was easy to like her. She’s really a giving person, she totally wants the best for those people around her. She’s a good friend to Finn, and helps out with his sisters whenever she can. She’s just a cool chick, and I loved that she was artistic and had a soft spot for animals.

So Finn, our hero, had it kind of tough when he first hit adulthood. His parents died, and suddenly he was responsible for his two younger sisters. I have to respect a guy who is willing to take on the parent role so young, especially since he does whatever he can to make sure his sisters are happy and well taken care of. That being said, our boy here has some hangups. He is so seemingly terrified of losing people that he doesn’t really like showing emotion or letting new people into his life, after all you can’t get hurt if you don’t let people in. But when it comes to Scarlett he is definitely interfering in her life, he judges the guys she goes for as not good enough, and after their little kissing experiment, he really can’t get her off his mind. It’s so much fun to see these two do their little dance of “we are just friends, let’s not ruin it”. Plus they have some great hot and heavy moments together.

My biggest problem with this book is that the quality of writing progresses so much from the beginning to end. The first third of the book felt a bit on the stiff side, like the author was trying to find her rhythm, and then the second third of the book it was like she found the rhythm, and it was a decent book. But the last third of the book, whoa, it was so good, my heart was pounding in my chest at parts, I was sad, I was happy, and all I could think was wow, she can write! I kind of like that her writing progressed as the book went on, because for me, as someone who used to edit books for a living, is the sign of a good writer, but at the same time I wish the first part had a better rhythm to it, if it had it would have been a five star book for me. That being said, the book was good, I liked it, I liked the characters, I liked the chemistry, and it’s easy for me to say this: I recommend this book.
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