This Book Will Change Your Life by Amanda Weaver

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This Book Will Change Your Life by Amanda WeaverThis Book Will Change Your Life by Amanda Weaver
Format: eARC
Published by Entangled Source: Netgalley
Genres: College, Coming of Age, Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romance
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Take a chance and change your life…

College was supposed to be where Hannah’s hard work paid off, but the major in honors chemistry she’s been working towards since childhood is slipping away. Worse, she’s not sure she wants it anymore. Salvation comes from an unlikely place—a used bookstore and Ben, the passionate college senior who works there.

Ben’s trapped in a life mapped out for him. Trapped in a future career as a lawyer to make his father happy. Trapped pursuing a girl he doesn't even like because she fits into a world he doesn’t want, but can’t escape. But then he meets Hannah. And for the first time, he knows what it means to truly want something.

So he gives in to being her friend. Then to wanting her. Then to kissing her. And within the freedom of his impulsivity, both of their carefully planned lives begin to fall apart...

I have to admit the main reason I picked up this book was because of the title, because let’s face it, it’s a pretty bold title, and a lot to live up to. Fortunately for me I kind of loved this book. This is one of those book that worked for me because of the things it reminded me of, yes there were one or two things that I didn’t 100% love, but the book as a whole was just what the doctor ordered for me.

So I think part of the reason I loved this book so much was because I identified with it so much. Hannah is in college, her first semester in honor’s chemistry and she isn’t exactly doing so hot. She stumbles into a used bookstore one day, meet Ben, and he helps her discovering reading for the first time. I identified with Hannah a lot because I remember my first semester in college, I was a history rock star in high school, great GPA, big plans for the future, got to college, and history just didn’t get the blood pumping for me. I had this great English professor during a summer session (to bring up my GPA) and before I knew it, I was an English major. So I totally understand Hannah’s joy at finding something that inspires her, that opens her eyes to new things, and also how hard it can be to let go of something you thought was going to be your life for so long. Hannah is kind of great, she kind, and funny, and a little awkward, but she’s just great to read on the page, and I loved her dynamic with her dad.

Now Ben, ah sweet Ben. I feel like Ben didn’t really know himself. He has spent so much of his life trying to kind of fit into this ideal that his father has for him, and it’s so not who he is. It goes so far that he convinces himself he likes a girl because she is great for him on paper and he knows his dad would approve of his choice. He is looking so much to just get his dad off his back, I don’t even think he is looking for approval, he just is resigned to avoiding the arguments. Ben makes a lot of mistakes with Hannah, and I think it’s because Hannah forces him to look inside himself and go for the things that really make him happy instead of the things he thinks he should do. I have to say I loved their dynamic, their conversations, their chemistry, just everything about these two worked for me.

This book was so enjoyable for me to read, it was easy for me to get caught up into. The pacing was steady throughout the whole book, and it was a pretty quick read for me. The one thing that this book did for me that means so much to me, is it reminded me of the first book I read when I was a kid that actually had an impact in my life. I have pretty much read books my whole life, but, the first book I read that really spoke to me was called Silver, and I haven’t thought about it in over a decade, and this book brought me back to that time when I really discovered reading for the first time, and I have to say that was probably the greatest gift I could have asked for. If you love reading like I do, I think you should give this book a chance.

About Amanda Weaver

Amanda has loved romance since she read that very first Kathleen E. Woodiwiss novel at fifteen. After a long detour into a career as a costume designer in theatre, she’s found her way back to romance, this time as a writer.

A native Floridian, Amanda transplanted to New York City many years ago and now considers Brooklyn home, along with her husband, daughter, two cats, and nowhere near enough space.

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