Lost in Geeklandia by E.J. Russell

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Lost in Geeklandia by E.J. RussellLost in Geeklandia by E.J. Russell
Format: eARC
Published by Entangled Source: Netgalley
Genres: Best Friends, Contemporary Romance, Romance
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Introverted computer engineer Charlie Forrester has coded an algorithm for love, a nearly flawless matchmaking program. But then she's challenged to prove its accuracy - on herself. With her dream job on the line, Charlie has thirty days to forge a romantic relationship with her "perfect" match...her ex-friend and now-nemesis, Daniel Shawn. Since her dating experience is expressed in binary, she'll need more than flirting lessons and a wardrobe overhaul to pull it off.

After falling victim to the same online matchmaking con he was investigating, reporter Daniel Shawn's professional reputation went up in flames. Now he suspects someone has rebooted the scam, and he's determined to expose the fraud and rebuild his career. Unfortunately, his efforts to get back in the game get sidetracked by Charlie and her adorable geekitude, even though she seems to know a little too much about digital dating for Daniel's comfort.

And when fake romance crosses into real chemistry, Charlie's formula for love might just be the perfect formula for disaster...

I’m pretty sure anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge geek/nerd/whatever you want to call it. I grew up going to Star Trek conventions, I can probably quote more Sci-Fi related stuff then I can quote the stuff I learned in college, heck I actually have the phrase “Live long and prosper” on my wall in my entryway, it’s literally the first thing you see when you walk in my house. So needless to say, this book appealed to me right off the bat. Plus I thought this book had a really cool cover, I don’t know why I like the cover, I just totally did.

So the book follows two people, two people who used to be childhood friends, and then life happened. Our heroine, Charlie, was always awkward in school, but she had her one true friend Daniel, and then Daniel had some hard life events and kind of turned on Charlie by the time they were in junior high and high school. So for Charlie seeing Daniel again as an adult is really just bringing up all the traumatic memories from being an awkward teenage girl. Plus it doesn’t help that when they sit down together with a group of friends Daniel tells just about the worst story ever, only humiliated Charlie in the process. So as a character I liked Charlie well enough, she awkward, and all about comfort, she relies on her statistics to get her through situations. She had a great group of friends around her, who both console her and help to push her outside of her standard comfort zone. I really liked the chances that Charlie took in this book, and I just found her to be sweet.

Now Daniel on the other hand, I wasn’t so much a fan of him. He is so black and white. Like he got screwed over while writing a story about this guy who was scamming people looking into relationships, and now he sees scams all over the place. I mean he has to constantly remind himself to tone it down. And yes I get that he was scammed and it seriously hurt his career, but he brings it to like every aspect of his life, like even when he is hanging out with friends. It got old. And fast. Also he seems like a normal guy, but kept falling over his feet to get things right with Charlie, he knows her, and yet he still does stuff that he knows is going to embarrass her or make her uncomfortable, I just wanted to shake him and tell him to get some game.

This book is cute, there is a little steam between the sheets but I wouldn’t call it a lot. It was kind of a medium length book for me, and the pacing was pretty steady throughout the book, which was nice. I do want to say that there is a lot of nerd stuff going on, like if you don’t watch sci-fi I think you are going to miss out a lot on the references. Also Charlie and her friends play this trivia game, and they play it so rapidly that it’s like impossible for the reader to follow along, so be prepared for that. Honestly, a lot of the characters have odd speech patterns, and I know it’s intentional, but it through even me off, so keep that in mind when you are picking up this book.

About E.J. Russell

E.J. Russell writes romance in a rainbow of flavors — from M/F stories grounded in absurd contemporary reality to M/M tales splashed with the supernatural — but you can be sure that while the couple makes their way to HEA, they’ll never stray too far into the dark.

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