Burning for You by Michele Dunaway

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Burning for You by Michele DunawayBurning for You by Michele Dunaway
Series: Man of the Month #2
Format: eARC
Published by St. Martin's Press Source: Netgalley
Genres: Alpha Guy, Contemporary Romance, Firemen, Romance
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The Man of the Month The last thing Taylor Krebs wants is a man. Her crazy, possessive ex-boyfriend has caused her enough drama to last a lifetime. Putting drama and men behind her she focuses on her fledgling photography business. That is, until gorgeous fireman Joe Marinootherwise known as Mr. September on the Sexy Public Servants Charity Calendarwalks into her life. Joe wants Taylor to photograph burn victims pro bono for a book he’s spearheading for the Burn Recovery Support Group...and he’ll do everything in his power to persuade her to take on his cause.

Taylor soon finds out that she isn’t immune to Joe’s persuasive charmsboth professionally and personallyand soon they are burning up the sheets. But will Joe’s secrets and Taylor’s need for quiet stability tear them apart? Or will this Man of the Month also end up being Taylor’s love for all days?

This is another one of those books that has spent entirely too much time on my kindle not being read, but thankfully I found it and I really liked it. First of all, I have read this author before, I picked up the first book in this series because it had to do with Christmas, and I love all things Christmas related, and since I loved the first book in the series I was pretty sure I was going to like this book too.

So I think what actually appealed to me about this book is that there isn’t a whole lot of outside drama going on, its all so character centric, I mean the one instance of an outside force impacting the relationship is really more of a misunderstanding/catalyst for something else. I enjoyed that it was so character driven because while the book was on the shorter side, it didn’t feel that way, it was so focused on the characters that I really felt like I had the time I needed to know them and be invested in them and their outcomes.

So Joe comes off pretty cocky right off the bat, but then again they do pretty much start at a photoshop where it’s basically the hot guys of St. Louis, so it makes sense. I liked that while Joe has that kind of attitude it’s never oppressive, I never felt like he was pushy or rude, it was more amusing and sometimes even endearing. I love that Joe is not perfect, or at least that he doesn’t think of himself as perfect. He has some serious insecurities about things, and it makes him so much more interesting, and it makes me want him to have a happy ended.

Taylor is what I want to be when I grow up. Hustling to make sure she gets to do the job she wants to make a living doing, giving back to people and families in some of the hardest situation with patience and grace, and just in general a good person. She has a good attitude, and she’s independent, and even though she is probably running on empty half the time she is never rude or unkind. I love the way she describes Joe in her head too.

I thought these two had great chemistry together. It was icing on the cake that they both had a charity or two in their lives that they are so passionate about. I think I was expecting this book to be more of a sweet little love story with a pinch of fluff thrown in, but instead I got a really good character driven romance that tackles some hard issues in it, and tackles them in a way that both makes you think and have empathy for people going through those kinds of situations. I would easily recommend this book, and the first in the series as well, I really enjoyed them both.
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About Michele Dunaway

Michele has sold over 15 novels to Harlequin and her works have been translated into French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Japanese among others. Describing herself as a woman who does too much but doesn’t know how to stop, Michele also teaches high school English, advises the school yearbook, and raises two daughters and five spoiled housecats.

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