Just a Little Kiss by Renita Pizzitola

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Just a Little Kiss by Renita PizzitolaJust a Little Kiss by Renita Pizzitola
Series: Crush #3
Format: eARC
Published by Loveswept Source: Netgalley
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romance, Small Town Romance
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Like most of the residents of her dead-end beach town, Felicity Daniels doesn’t know what she wants from her future. Instead of college, she’s waiting tables at the local grille where she’s more likely to run into the guy who was the love of her life—until one decision changed everything. Now as this year’s tourist season kicks in to high gear, Felicity realizes that whatever she wants isn't going to be found here.

Mason Hayes is the quintessential Summer Boy: hot, impulsive, and born without strings attached. While in town helping with the family fishing charter, he plans to have a little fun—and hopefully get over a certain girl. He’s never had a long-term relationship, but when he meets Felicity, he wonders if he’s found the girl who could change that.

With her heart still in repair, Felicity’s happy to have a distraction like Mason, but her best friend thinks he could also be her ticket out of this town. What’s the harm in using him to escape more than just her boredom? After all, he is just a Summer Boy, and they never stick around. But after one kiss, Felicity wonders if only one summer with Mason will ever really be enough.

I’ve read all three books in this series now, and I have to say I wasn’t super excited about Mason’s story, because I really wasn’t a fan of Mason in the first book with Brinley. But I am so happy that I gave it a go, because Mason has grown so much as a character, that I really loved him in this book. I can honestly say I think this is my favorite book in the series, which is also a surprising thing for me, because I normally fall in love with the first book and then every subsequent book never quite lives up; in this case I think Renita’s writing is just getting better with each book.

So as I mentioned before I wasn’t really a fan of Mason in book one. I mean he just seem like kind of a jerk, well maybe jerk is the wrong word, I mean he’s just so convinced that Brinley is the one for him that he ends up treating the others around him badly. But when this book starts, and he really starts to get to know Felicity, so much of who he used to be has really evolved and he’s really become this great guy, and I think everything that happened with Brinley before really set him up to be ready for a relationship, to be more for Felicity then just a fling. I just really liked him, even though I really kinda didn’t want to like him.

So Felicity was fun to read. I like that she was independent and at the same time really generous with her friends and the people she cares about. She had a bad experience with an ex that had kind of put her in a place mentally where she just doesn’t plan for the future, she only looks at the now and maybe tomorrow on a good day. The thing about Felicity and her ex is that she let him go so that he could pursue his dreams, she wanted the best for him, and made the choice even though it hurt her to lose him, that’s just the kind of girl she is, she wants the best for those around her. She clearly has some commitment issues, so when she starts to look at Mason as more then just a Summer Boy, I don’t think she was prepared for it. Suddenly she finds herself wanting more then just the present, and planning the future of her life is just overwhelming for her. What I loved about her is that she may be uncomfortable with looking to the future, but she talks about it, and she pushes herself to do better.

It also helped that Mason was just so awesome with Felicity. He was so patient, he was so caring, he was just so much more then I thought he would be, and I loved them together. They had this great chemistry together. Also Felicity has this great sense of humor and she banters so fantastically with both Mason and this other character Owen. All in all I just really enjoyed reading the book from beginning to end. I highly recommend this book, and I can’t wait to read more of Renita’s work in the future.
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“You’re getting the kid’s hopes up,” Colby countered.

“That’s not all she’s getting up.” Owen wiggled his eyebrows and shot me the smile that probably melted hearts—and panties—all over his high school.

“Can you believe these two?” Colby muttered to their friend, forcing my attention back to the new guy. “This is how they entertain themselves.”

The guy’s gaze swung to me, eyes flicking up and down my body, and then he smirked. “It is kind of entertaining.”

My smile faltered the tiniest bit and a hint of warmth rose into my cheeks because, hot damn, he was one of the best-looking Summer Boys I’d seen in a while. And when he looked at me like that . . . wow.

Just then a large drop of ice cream dripped down my hand and landed near my foot. I raised my hand as more pink dribbled down the cone. “I’ve gotta go. Hope isn’t above licking this off my arm.”

Their friend stared at my hand, and something about his expression told me he wouldn’t mind licking it off either. And really, I couldn’t find a reason why I’d object. Except for the fact my pregnant, possibly starving sister was waiting, and I was juggling twenty-five dollars’ worth of carnival food.

I said one last goodbye then headed back to Hope. Part of me wanted to hand off her food then go find the guys to get the scoop on the mystery man, but I couldn’t ditch my sister.

“Were the lines long?” Hope asked, barely acknowledging me as she focused in on the food I carried.

“Not too bad. I ran into Colby on the way back.” I handed her the ice cream. “You may want to start with this.”

She grabbed the cone and licked all the way around to stop the dripping. “Did you get anything for yourself?”

I set the drink on the wooden railing surrounding the boardwalk, before handing her the corn dog. “Sweet potato fries.”

“Oh, those look good.”

I grinned. “Help yourself.”

“After this, did you want to play some games or something?” She glanced down the walkway at the booths with whirring lights. “Could be fun. Wish I could do some rides, but you know . . .” She gestured to her stomach.

Port Lucia’s weekend carnival on the boardwalk was great for kids or dates. Other than that, it was a money pit and since I was saving up to buy a new lens for my camera, I’d rather conserve my cash. “It’s okay. We can just hang out.”

I reached inside the cotton candy bag and pulled out a piece of pink fluff. “So have you thought any more about baby names?”

“We’ve thought about it. Agreed is another story.”

Hope started rambling about how stressful choosing a name was, but my attention had drifted to the line for the roller coaster. Colby was easy to spot due to his height and trademark baseball cap bearing the logo of his dad’s fishing service. And I couldn’t miss Owen, who practically ogled every passing girl. But the person who really caught my attention was the new guy, leaning against the railing and staring at his phone. His blond hair was overgrown and brushed across his forehead. Like the other guys, he wore jeans and a T-shirt, except he had a leaner build compared to Colby, but was nowhere near as slim as Owen. If I had to guess, I’d say he was closer to Colby’s age. Which was exactly my age.

I contemplated dragging Hope over there to say hi, but that idea came to a screeching halt as my ex-boyfriend Brody walked up to Colby. He seemed to only be stopping by in passing, but it didn’t matter. I’d go nowhere near that situation. I’d managed to avoid him this long. I had no plans to change that tonight.

As I was about to turn away, my prospective Summer Boy looked up from his phone and right at me. He’d totally busted me staring. His mouth tugged into a little grin that was seriously adorable.

I smiled back then turned away before the rest of the guys noticed.

“Isn’t that Brody?” Hope asked, but I didn’t answer. “Maybe you should go say hi.”

My head spun in her direction. Was she serious?

“It’s been over a year.”

I shook my head, having no interest in taking that trip down memory lane. And quite honestly, now that I knew he was here, I didn’t have much interest in sticking around either.

“I think I need some real food. This stuff isn’t cutting it.” I tossed the remains of my sweet potato fries into the trash. “I can cook us dinner on the boat.”

Hope eyed the boats tied up in the harbor and frowned. “I don’t really like getting on that thing right now. All the rocking makes me feel . . . blegh.”

“Want to go to Eddie’s and grab a bite?” I asked.

“I’ve eaten my weight in junk food. I should probably call it a night.”

Which was exactly what I wanted to do too. I gave my sister a quick hug and promised to hang out with her again soon. She made her way to the parking lot, and I made my way off the boardwalk and onto the nearby pier that led home—well, temporary home. After my eldest sister—along with her two kids—moved back in with my parents, the houseboat Mom inherited from Granddad became my residence. And I couldn’t really complain. Rent free. Peace and quiet. But the best part was all my restless nights were spent with an ocean for a backyard.


About Renita Pizzitola

Renita Pizzitola is the author of New Adult contemporary romance and Young Adult fantasy. When not writing, she can be found feeding her caramel macchiato addiction and reading just about anything she can get her hands on. She lives in Austin, Texas.

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