Extremely Famous by Heather C. Leigh

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Extremely Famous by Heather C. LeighExtremely Famous by Heather C. Leigh
Series: Famous #3
Format: eBook
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Genres: Contemporary Romance, Millionaire/Billionaire Hero, Movie Star, New Adult, Romance
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Sydney Tannen has been living in denial for the last 12 years. Now that she's making a life with Drew Forrester, hiding from her past is no longer an option.

An emotional reunion with her father brings Sydney a peaceful feeling that she hasn't experienced in a long time. Her contentment vanishes quickly with a single phone call. When Sydney finds out that Drew is keeping something huge from her, she throws herself into work to avoid facing the problem.

The stress of Drew's secret, combined with 12 years of carefully constructed denial, comes crashing down spectacularly and Sydney ends up in a hopeless place, alone and afraid. Can she accept her past and face the future? Or is it easier to remain in the dark?

I have really enjoyed reading this series. Granted I read the first three books in rapid succession over a couple of days, but either way I have really enjoyed reading them. I loved Drew and Sydney’s journey through the first two books, and can I say right up front that the epilogue in this book made me super happy, I really hate it when we get to the end of two characters’ love story and then the ending falls flat, this so did not happen in this book (thank goodness).

So a lot of things are kind of resolved or finally talked about in this book which I think was really great for the final book in the series. Sydney and Drew are still having some of the same problems though, well really one big problem. Being famous and hounded all the time by not just fans, but also stalkers/crazies/paparazzi. And of course Drew is still Drew so he is definitely way more overprotective then he needs to be, so much so I think he’s on the verge of driving Sydney away, but at the same time it’s understandable why he would want to keep her safe given the events that have happened to the two of them in the prior books.

So things I really liked about this book, well there were a bunch. So first thing I liked is that we finally get to the bottom of that whole Adam/Drew feud. I was actually really surprised by the reasoning behind the feud, but totally understood how it could get to that point. I actually really like Adam in this series, I think he is a good guy at heart, although I do think that he was a teeny tiny bit sneaky in this book, but it worked for me.

Sydney’s dad finally makes an appearance in this book, we have been hearing about him from book one, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect when we finally got to meet him in this book. What I will say is that I like him, I think it was about time for Sydney to finally make peace with her past.

Another thing I really want to talk about, but at the same time don’t want to because I don’t want to give it away is the hard time Sydney goes through during this book. She really starts to pull away from everything and everyone, and she totally has a good reason for it, but it was so heartbreaking to read in parts. I could see how everyone around her was feeling helpless as to how to help her get out of this funk she was in. I have to say Drew impressed me during this time.

Overall I thought this was a great end to Sydney and Drew. I really loved this series. I think it’s probably been one of my favorite series I have read this year. The author has a great writing style, and the pacing was always spot on. I was always interested in both the characters and the storyline, so without a doubt I would read more of Heather’s work. I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes new adult books or likes their heroes to be movie stars.

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About Heather C. Leigh

I’m the author of the Amazon best selling Famous series. I like to write about the ‘dark’ side of fame. The part that the public doesn’t get to see, how difficult it is to live in a fishbowl and how that affects relationships.

I was born and raised in New England and currently live outside Atlanta, GA.

I love the Red Sox, the Patriots, and anything made of chocolate (but not white chocolate, that doesn’t count).

My favorite authors are Dan Wells, Tina Reber, Ken Follett, and Stephen King.

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