The Magnolia Affair by T.A. Foster

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The Magnolia Affair by T.A. FosterThe Magnolia Affair by T.A. Foster
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Genres: Contemporary Romance, Love Triangle, Mystery, Politics, Romance
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Audrey Kingston has the perfect life she always wanted. An adoring husband, a beautiful house, book club nights with friends. It was idyllic. It was serene. Until Paxton Tanner, candidate for state senator, moved in next door.

Seduced by his undeniable charm, Audrey’s life becomes unrecognizable as she gives in to her impulses.

The affair becomes deadly, and she gets tossed into a political scandal that leads all the way to the governor’s office.

When love becomes lethal, there’s only one way out.

This book is so not what I was expecting. I know a lot of people have issues with books that involve cheating, so if you are one of those people then be warned, this book has infidelity. I personally don’t mind books with cheating, mainly because it’s an aspect of human behavior that can’t be ignored, yes its wrong, but so is murder and we all still read murder mysteries.

My biggest issue with the relationship between Audrey and Paxton (the affair guy) is that it was all so sudden, there was almost no build up, no investment, just wham they meet, wham they start to have an affair. Its the same issue I have where hero meets heroine and seconds later they are instantly in love. Also it may have been how quickly the book moved, but I didn’t really get to experience the wide range of emotions I would expect from an affair, and the interactions between Audrey and Spencer (the husband) were so few and far between I wasn’t attached to their marriage at all.

The book moved quickly in terms of time, which honestly bummed me out a little bit, I felt like it kept me from really identifying with the characters as much as I wanted to. Audrey was an interesting woman to be sure, but I had a hard time getting to experience things with her because often times we would jump forward months forward. While I don’t agree with Audrey’s choices in the beginning, I do have to admit that she had to have been a strong woman to deal with everything that happened to her during the course of the book. One of the things I liked the most about her was her willingness to let someone into her life that a lot of people would have looked the other way about, I think it says a lot about her characters.

Paxton was a tricky guy. I never really knew what to think about him. One minute I thought he was a good guy who was just picking up the pieces of Audrey’s scattered life. But then a chapter later I would think that he was never around for Audrey and sometimes I thought he was just a little bit shady. But the again Audrey kind of shifts through these feelings about him as well.

The one thing I will say about this book is it always kept me guessing. I can honestly say I wasn’t sure how things were going to end, and it definitely kept me intrigued as to what was going to happen next. if you want to try something new, this is a very interesting story about a woman’s whose life is full of more mystery than even she knows.

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About T.A. Foster

T.A. Foster grew up catching rays and waves along the North Carolina Outer Banks and now resides in the state with her husband, three children and canine kiddo.

She has an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a graduate degree in Educational Psychology from Texas A&M University. When she’s not chasing her two-legged and four-legged children or trying to escape for date night, you can find her reading, writing, or planning her next beach trip.

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