Rock Me Hard by Olivia Thorne

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Rock Me Hard by Olivia ThorneRock Me Hard by Olivia Thorne
Series: The Rock Star's Seduction
Format: eBook
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Genres: Contemporary Romance, Friendship, Musician, New Adult, Romance, Second Chances
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Kaitlyn Reynolds is a year out of college and fighting to become a journalist when she gets the biggest break of her young life: the shot at a cover story in Rolling Stone magazine.

But there’s a catch.

She’ll be covering the hottest bad-boy in rock, Derek Kane, whom Kaitlyn met when she was a freshman in college and he was a struggling unknown. It was passionate two-week affair: tumultuous, sensual, exhilarating...

...and it ended very, very badly.

Now Kaitlyn has to decide whether she can face the pain of the past, her fear of the future – and the man who might just have been the One.

Rockstar books can be really fun, I think most girls have fantasized about meeting a rock star and getting to experience the lifestyle of a true rock star. But what I liked about this book was that it wasn’t that the girl had some kind of chance meeting with the rock star, but rather had known him before he became a big deal and then life brought them back together.

So I liked the heroine for the most part. Kaitlyn is a journalist who is trying to make it in an industry that let’s face it is not easy to do (especially these days with blogs taking over the world). So when she is offered a job based on the fact that she used to have a relationship with rockstar Derek, it’s not exactly Kaitlyn’s idea of an awesome plan. But what is a girl to do when she needs to a job.

So most of this book takes place in the past. I will say that this book is pretty much a serial, so there is most definitely a cliffhanger and it is a shorter book than most. That being said I felt like the author did a good job of giving me all the information I needed about Kaitlyn and Derek’s past together, and let me tell ya, their past is quite angsty.

So Kaitlyn is dating this really annoying guy when the book starts in the past, I mean seriously, if I had been dating this guy I think I would have punched him in the face. But Kaitlyn does surprisingly well with this guy, although she does lose it on him a couple of times. Then she meets Derek and they end up with this kind of friendship. They have great conversations together, you can tell the two of them are interested in each other, but circumstances keep them apart, even though Kaitlyn’s roommate is all for her getting involved with Derek. There is an awesome scene towards the end that kind of broke my heart a little bit, and I thought was really well written.

I think I liked Derek more than I liked Kaitlyn, he was just more interesting to me. While it’s true I am not a huge fan of serials, I did enjoy this one, and it’s probably because it’s a second chance story, which is one of my favorite kinds of stories. If you like serials, or rock star romances then you should try this one out.

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Olivia Thorne is the author of the Billionaire’s Seduction series, including All That He Wants, All That He Desires, and All That He Demands.

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