Seduced by the Senator by Alex Elliott

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Seduced by the Senator by Alex ElliottSeduced by the Senator by Alex Elliott
Series: Dirty Little Secrets #1
Format: eBook
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Genres: Alpha Guy, BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Politics, Romance
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What’s your dirty little secret?
For Xavia Kennedy it was freedom. Escape from a pastel painted life ruled by an American dynasty and headed by a formidable foe. One wanted to escape. Her family. X has a plan. Get serious and get the hell out of Bean Town. Away from the pretty people and boring as hell lives.
Then she met him. Smooth talking and gorgeous. All it took was a dim hall.
He called their hook-up a mistake.
No problem. She walked away without a name, just an impression. That was the hottest sex she’d had minus the actual sex. After one Nantucket party too many, Xavia ends up cutting bait and heading to D.C. She hops aboard the crazy train as the newest intern to Bennett Stone.

Or Senator Stone as he’s known on the Hill. He’s more than Cosmo’s sexiest congressman. He’s complicated. A mystery.
Ben doesn’t date. He’s got his own dirty secrets.
But where X is concerned, there’s one he’s willing to share.
If she agrees to his terms.
In his bed, it’s way. All she needs to do is learn to stop arguing.

Impossible when she finds out the connection they share runs too deep to put aside, and she begins to fear the secret under the secret that’s left unsaid.

I love politics. Okay that’s not entirely true, these day politics make me sad and depressed, but in the past I LOVED politics. I to this day watch West Wing on like endless repeat. So when I read the synopsis for this book I was sold. A romance set in the backdrop of dog each dog Washington D.C. where everyone has an agenda. Oh yeah that’s my kind of book.

So first things first, this book is steamy! Like super steamy. So if you don’t like a lot of yummy between the sheets scenes, or some rough between the sheets action, then this isn’t your book. But if you do like that kind of thing, then this is for sure your book.

I loved the whole Xavia is a Kennedy aspect of the book, I mean she’s basically born into a money making dynasty and then she adds Kennedy to the mix and it’s kind of life whoa girl has some connections. Of course the thing I liked the most about her was that she wasn’t really into using those connections. I mean she doesn’t want to do what her family wants her to do, she spends a significant amount of time making sure that she is able to follow her own path without her family getting in the way of it all.

Bennett is the aforementioned senator, and he has a lot going on behind the scenes that the average person doesn’t know about. He lives by a set of rules, a set of rules that he and a couple other public office holders abide by, and they have a place where they all let their kinky side out. Bennett is a Dom and while Xavia has never been submissive before, after her experience with Bennett, its easy to see why she would want to see where this goes. Bennett is such an intelligent guy, and in politics you always have to know what it going on around you and have your next moves planned out.

This book is a bit on the short side, so it was a really quick read for me. This book definitely does not wrap things up in a nice little bow at the end either, be prepared to be fully on the hook for book two. I liked the characters, I loved the writing, and really it was just a good read for me. So many Dom and submissive books end up being hit or miss for me, but I liked this one, it was just well done. Highly recommended.

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About Alex Elliott

Writer of politics, romance, and scandal centered around the Hill. Diving deep. Nothing is sacred because fiction is shaped by secret truths.

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