Finish What We Started by Amylynn Bright

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Finish What We Started by Amylynn BrightFinish What We Started by Amylynn Bright
Format: eARC
Published by Carina Source: Netgalley
Genres: Animals, Contemporary Romance, Romance, Second Chances
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Five years ago, Lee Bennett's whirlwind romance with Candace Claesson ended as abruptly as it had begun, and just when he needed her the most. Since then, Lee's built a successful construction company and a satisfying, if solitary, life. When he's hired to build Candace's new veterinary clinic, Lee finds her as irresistible as ever—but he's never forgiven her and he's sure as hell not letting her break his heart again.

For years, Candace has wrestled with regret and guilt over leaving Lee. At the time, nothing was going to stop her from achieving her dreams of studying in Scotland and becoming a vet—not even young love. They'd been inseparable for six months, but anything that intense couldn't last. Or so she thought.

Reunited in their hometown, neither Lee nor Candace can resist picking up where they left off. But with so much from the past standing between them, how they can rebuild what they started so long ago?

I love a good romance, and more than that I love a good romance with animal lovers, so when I read the heroine had a veterinary practice, I was sold, didn’t even need to know the rest of the plot. Of course I kept reading and realized this was a second chance love story, and I have to say it’s one of my favorite themes in romance, so this was like the perfect storm for me to like this book. Needless to say I totally ended up liking the book a whole lot.

I think part of the reason why I love second chance romances is because I think it’s something that everyone can identify with. Everyone makes mistakes, or sometimes life happens and things don’t end up the way you wanted or planned for them to, so watching characters get their happy ending even after time apart just makes it all the more better, maybe it’s because they had to overcome time and challenges to find their way back to each other, whatever the reason I love it. So with Lee and Candace, life happened, and in the heat of the moment both of them did and said things that they regretted, Candace moved to Ireland to finish her schooling (she wasn’t running this had always been in the plans), and that was the end of Lee and Candace. I have to say, I understood where Candace was coming from a lot more than from Lee, to me Lee is one of those unmovable guys, he sees things one way, and sometimes it takes way to long for him to change his opinion or see others points of view.

I don’t want to give away much when it comes to the walls the two of them have built up, but I do have some stuff I can chat about without ruining it. I loved how Lee shows up with the clinic in these semi-ridiculous situations that are seriously funny, I mean it really helped bring some laughs into the book which kept it feeling fresh. The book itself was an easy read, I definitely don’t remember putting it down, it was just so easy to get caught up in the characters. I really liked the writing style, too.

If you like second chance love stories, then this is definitely a book you should check out, I really enjoyed it and I look forward to reading more of this author in the future. I think what also really worked for me about this book is that the two of them didn’t just fall back together, they had stuff to work through first, and it made the characters feel like real people I could imagine knowing in real life. So if you like the build up, this is definitely a book for you.


About Amylynn Bright

Amylynn read her first romance novel in 2008 after being a lifelong literary snob. By the time she was done, she was hooked.

She is an Arizona native and lives in the same house her husband owned before they were married. Amylynn fears she will never call another state home unless someone tells her husband there are forty-nine others to choose from. In reality, she’d settle for a walk-in closet.

Her family consists of the aforementioned husband, two beautiful children, two dogs, two cats, some fish, and a hankering for a panda. She’d like it mentioned she’s never been in prison, but we’ll see how that panda thing works out.

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