A Rancher for Christmas by Brenda Minton

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A Rancher for Christmas by Brenda MintonA Rancher for Christmas by Brenda Minton
Series: Martin's Crossing #1
Format: eARC
Published by Harlequin Source: Netgalley
Genres: Best Friends Sister, Christmas, Contemporary Romance, Romance, Western
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A Family for Christmas Martin's Crossing: In this small Texas town, every heart finds a homeRaised on the run, free-spirited Breezy Hernandez has never stayed in one place too long. But now that she has joint custody of her late brother's twin daughters, she's determined to give them a stable home. Even if it means cooperating with the twins' bossy uncle. Texas rancher Jake Martin learned the hard way that women can't be trusted. But as he and Breezy care for the orphaned girls, Jake begins to open his heart. Is Breezy ready to put down roots in Martin's Crossing, or will she run from the one thing she's always wanted: A family? Martin's Crossing: In this small Texas town, every heart finds a home.

So the synopsis of this book is really what drew me in, it reminded me of that movie with Katherine Heigl, when her best friends die and suddenly her and their other friend are taking care of their orphaned child and living in their house. That movie always makes me cry, and I love it, I don’t care what anyone says. So it was a no brainer for me to pick up this book. I have to say it was equal parts sweet and sad.

So Breezy has a brother, Lawton, who she just found out about, and then right after she meet him and starts to get to know him, him and his wife die, leaving her and Jake (her brother’s brother-in-law) as joint guardians of his twin daughters. Breezy has lived a seriously hard life, sometimes even on the streets, nothing has been easy for her. And staying in one place, well it’s not something she has ever done in her life. But I think she’s always been longing for a family of her own, and when it comes time for her to step up for her nieces, she doesn’t hesitate, she’s staying whether Jake likes it or not. I really liked Breezy. I loved that she was independent, and in some ways hard from her life, but she’s also someone who is kind and giving, and not afraid to show emotion. Even though being a sudden parent is hard, she didn’t give up, and I love that about her.

Jake also has a past, but his stems from a mother walking out on him and his siblings when he was 12 and him becoming a parent to his brothers and sisters instead of a child. He literally knows no other way then to be the provider/caregiver. He doesn’t know how to let people in, and he certainly doesn’t know how to trust anyone, especially a woman to stick around. Which means he really isn’t all that trusting of Breezy when she shows up.

There are a lot of sweet moments in this book, but there are also a lot of genuinely sad ones as well. Everyone in this book is grieving for the loss of these two people, from twin toddlers who don’t understand where their parents went, to a sibling who lost a sibling. There is no shortage of tears in this book. But just because there are tears doesn’t mean it’s not a book full of hope. I think both Breezy and Jake want more from their lives, they just have no idea how to go about it, and this is very much a story of them finding themselves as well as finding each other. I thought there were some really sweet moments between the two of them and some of the other characters in the book. There is also a little bit of danger thrown in, let’s just say someone is lurking around up to no good.

I will say I would have liked a little bit more hot and steamy in here (there really is only a few kisses here and there), but outside of that I thought this was a really nice book, definitely tugging on the heart strings, and I could easily recommend this book.

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About Brenda Minton

Brenda Minton lives, procrastinates, writes, drinks coffee, raises her kids and is wife to her husband, in the Ozarks.

Okay, now to first person because a third person bio sounds like someone else wrote it about me, and is just license to create flowery prose about myself. I grew up on a farm in the Ozarks. It was long ago and far away, in a land before cable TV, video games and the internet. To pass the time we read books, watched (gasp) network TV that rarely came in clear, and had friends over on weekends to play music on the front porch, or card games in the dining room.

The result of growing up ‘country’ was an active imagination. For fun I wrote stories to entertain myself and I dreamed of being an author. Oh, but first, before writing, I wanted to be a jockey.Writing won out over being a jockey. In the spring of 2006 I got the call that made those dreams come true: the call that welcomed me into the Steeple Hill family of authors.

The moral of this story, never stop dreaming.

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