Blame It on the Mistletoe by Nicole Michaels

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Blame It on the Mistletoe by Nicole MichaelsBlame It on the Mistletoe by Nicole Michaels
Format: eARC
Published by St. Martin's Press Source: Netgalley
Genres: Christmas, Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romance
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’Tis the season for small-town Missouri boutique owner Brooke Abbott to get crafty. Much as she adores making art for art’s sake—decorating windows, designing ornaments, crafting the perfect present for under the tree—this Christmas she needs the gift of good customers. Lots of them. Sweet Opal Studios will go under if she can’t do some serious business before the New Year…and she has no time to lose. What Brooke needs is an honest-to-goodness miracle. Instead, she finds a burglar lurking in the back room of her shop. And here she thought the holidays couldn’t get any worse!Or maybe things just got a lot better. Turns out the burglar is none other than Alex Coleman—local bad boy slash legendary heartthrob, childhood best friend to Brooke’s older brother, and…future landlord? That is the question. He’s come home for the holidays to see his grandmother, make peace with his distant mother, and settle his grandfather’s estate, an estate that includes the building that houses Sweet Opal. What he never expected was to bump into a grown-up Brooke, whose spirit, charm, and irresistible good looks give him pause. Should he go back to Oregon as planned, or give small-town life a chance? The only thing Alex knows for sure is that before he walks out that door, he’s going to get Brooke beneath the mistletoe, where anything can happen…

December brings for more Christmas books, so everybody get ready! So first book up this month is Blame it on the Mistletoe, and I have to say I picked this book because I am seriously in love with the cover. It just screams Christmas and it’s also just so cute and adorable, I couldn’t help but want to read it.

So while this is definitely a Christmas read (being that it takes place during the season and there are some definite Christmas themes throughout the book), I honestly think this book would work at any time of the year.

So as it turns out Brooke and Alex know each other from a long time ago, as it turns out is that Alex used to be friends with Brooke’s brother. But a long time has passed, and Alex doesn’t live in town anymore, and Brooke definitely has a past of her own.

Brooke owns this crafty little shop in her small town, and I quite frankly love it. It seems like a shop I would like to visit. I love that she is so crafty (if there was more time in the day I would be as crafty as Brooke is). So one night, she ends up mistaking Alex as an intruder in her store, and the two of them end up talking and remembering each other.

I’m not sure what exactly sticks out to me about why I like this book so much, but I think when it comes down to it I just loved Brooke’s character, and also Alex is such a good guy that it’s really easy to like him. I liked that he was a honorable guy, even though he was more than a little bit misunderstood. But Brooke, she has worked so hard to overcome what happened to her with her ex, and she has carved out a nice little life for herself, and I love that about her. She’s passionate about it, and she gives it her all, which I love.

The writing in the book is really nice and enjoyable, the pacing is great and the story really just flows. It was really easy for me to get caught up in the story, and to really want these characters to end up together. After reading this book I can honestly say I really want to read more of this author. So if you like Christmas books then this book is one you should without a doubt check out.

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About Nicole Michaels

Nicole resides in a small town outside of Kansas City with her husband and three sons. When she isn’t writing, she’s a wedding and portrait photographer, loves to cook, read, and watch historical dramas or documentaries.

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