The Necro Files by C.L. Bledsoe

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The Necro Files by C.L. BledsoeThe Necro-Files by C.L. Bledsoe
Series: The Necro Files #1
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
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Ever wonder what happens after the hero kills the monster?

Daisy Janney just wanted to go to college next year like everybody else—get out of her mom’s house, go to some parties, maybe meet some cute guys. But when she finds out she has to pay for it herself, she has no choice but to get a job. Too bad no one wants her, not even the burger joint. Way to feel like a total loser.

Desperate, she takes the only job she can find—at Calvert Funeral Home. Putting makeup on dead people might not be glamorous, but at least dead people don’t complain. Too bad no one told her they wouldn’t always stay dead. Or that they weren’t always people.

One salt-covered, burnt witch later, Daisy finds herself the recipient of an evil curse. She’s got two weeks to figure out how to break it before she’s scheduled for dismemberment by an angry demon. And she hasn’t even gotten her first paycheck yet. She turns to an old boyfriend for help, but with finals coming up, and some weird guy stalking her who looks like Johnny Cash, she’s not sure there’s enough help on the planet for her kind of trouble…

I haven’t gotten to read a whole lot of urban fantasy lately, and this synopsis intrigued me so I decided to check it out. I think the reason why I liked this synopsis is because I really liked a book that I read before that took place in a funeral home, and so did this one, let’s face it, it’s a great setting for the creepy crawlies in urban fantasy to come out.

So first things first, the book is all about Daisy, a new college student who just left home (although didn’t stray too far from her mom and little sister’s house). Daisy’s dad was suppose to help her through college but it turns out he decided to get married instead, so basically Daisy has one option, find herself a job, and the only place who would give her a shot was a funeral home. I was actually really impressed at how driven Daisy is, and how she went straight into the funeral home without a second thought, I can’t imagine the first day of work at a funeral home is an easy one. But hey maybe she’s just built of stronger stuff then I am.

One day in the funeral parlor, while trying to impress her new boss, she intakes a body, who turns out to be way more than she ever expected. Daisy ends up coming face to face with a real witch, who curses her. Daisy has one week to break the curse or die. And let me tell you this curse is a creepy one, Daisy is having some seriously creepy hallucinations. Daisy handles the whole thing really well, she never really falls apart, and just keeps going forward, she keeps going to class, keeps investigating all the other worldly things she never new existed. I think my biggest problem with Daisy is that she was too put together, sometimes it was a little to unbelievable that she was so on board with everything.

There are a lot of secondary characters in this book, some of them better than others. I feel like in the second book we are going to learn a lot more about them, because we don’t get a huge glimpse of the secondary characters in this book. There were some interesting, and pretty well written action sequences. Overall, I would say this was an enjoyable read. It’s a little shorter than I am used to, but longer than a novella. If you like urban fantasies, especially ones with witches and curses you should consider checking this one out.

About C.L. Bledsoe

C.L. Bledsoe is the author of three novels, one short story collection, and four poetry collections. He’s been published in hundreds of magazines, newspapers, and anthologies. Bledsoe lives in the DC area with his daughter.

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