Wyoming Strong by Diana Palmer

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Wyoming Strong by Diana PalmerWyoming Strong by Diana Palmer
Series: Wyoming Men #4
Format: eARC
Published by Harlequin Source: Netgalley
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance, Western
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Wolf Patterson and Sara Brandon are arch enemies from ages ago, but mischievous fate has brought the tall rancher with the pale blue eyes together with the dark-haired beauty - on neighboring Wyoming ranches. At first, sparks fly, but despite Wolf's misguided notions about the spirited Sara and her indignance over the assorted injustices he has thrown her way, a truce - of sorts - forms. Suddenly Sara notices Wolf's face, while not conventionally handsome, draws her like no other man has ever attracted her. And Wolf sees into the compassionate soul that Sara hides from the rest of the world.

But they are two passionate people with a talent for falling out...can love find the space to take root on the stunning Wyoming plains?

I love romances that have a Western feel to them, or really anything with horses and cowboys in them. And I have heard of Diana Palmer, I’ve heard she writes pretty good western romance books. So picking this book up for review seemed like a no brainer to me. However, I was met with a lot of disappointment. I tried really hard to get into the book, and I did finish it, but I don’t think there is much in this book that I can actually say I liked.

To start with I didn’t feel like either of the two main character were really all that likable. Both Sara and Wolf aren’t people I would like in real life, so it’s hard to like them in a book. Wolf is arrogant, rude, and pushy. He goes out of his way to make Sara uncomfortable, so it’s no wonder she doesn’t like him in the beginning. And then there is Sara, she is just over the top naive. I felt like the author made her character just so over the top that she wasn’t even the smallest bit believable or likable. She has an abused childhood, her brother is some kind of assassin, she’s been attacked in her house because of it, she physically can’t have sex, but yet somehow managed to get knocked up, is a grown woman, yet somehow Wolf had to give her a sex ed lesson in one chapter… the whole thing was just weird.

There were other problems for me in this besides the characters. The book was far to long, maybe it could have supported the length in the pacing had been better, but yeah. The pacing was inconsistent at best, the book speeds up and then slams on the breaks, with no real reasoning behind it. The vocabulary in the book felt like it had been dumbed down intentionally. The storyline about Wolf and this woman from his past seemed ill conceived, I mean he’s suppose to be horrifically damaged by this woman emotionally, but the character never acts as if he is damaged, I mean he says all the words¬†but his actions never reflect it. At the end of the day, this book just did not work for me in any way. Maybe if you have a past relationship with Diana Palmer I would check it out, but if not it’s a definite pass in my book.

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About Diana Palmer

Susan Eloise Spaeth was born on 11 December 1946 in Cuthbert, Georgia, USA. She began selling romances in 1979 as Diana Palmer. She also used the pseudonyms Diana Blayne and Katy Currie, and her married name: Susan Kyle. Now, she has over 40 million copies of her books in print, which have been translated and published around the world. She is listed in numerous publications, including Contemporary Authors by Gale Research, Inc., Twentieth Century Romance and Historical Writers by St. James Press, The Writers Directory by St. James Press, the International Who’s Who of Authors and Writers by Meirose Press, Ltd., and Love’s Leading Ladies by Kathryn Falk. Her awards include seven Waldenbooks national sales awards, four B. Dalton national sales awards, two Bookrak national sales awards, a Lifetime Achievement Award for series storytelling from Romantic Times, several Affaire de Coeur awards, and two regional RWA awards.

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