A Little Christmas Jingle by Michele Dunaway

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A Little Christmas Jingle by Michele DunawayA Little Christmas Jingle by Michele Dunaway
Format: eARC
Published by Macmillan Source: Netgalley
Genres: Christmas, Contemporary Romance, Law Enforcement, Romance
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Kat Saunders doesn't believe in miracles—though she sure could use one. She's devoted to her veterinarian business, and all she wants for Christmas is for her practice to include a no-kill shelter. But amidst all the holiday hoopla she forgot about getting the required permits...and time is running out. Just when Kat fears her dream career is DOA, a to-die-for handsome detective shows up at the vet with a desperate puppy. Could it be that Jack Donovan—otherwise known as Mr. December on the Sexy Public Servants Charity Calendar—is the answer to her prayers? He agrees to help Kat with her legal needs, and she will do whatever it takes to express her appreciation. But could this Man of the Month also end up being Kat's true love for all days? A kiss beneath the mistletoe may be all it takes to find out. . .

So there are three things in life I can’t live without baseball, animals (dogs specifically, hey I have six of them at the moment), and Christmas. So while this book doesn’t have any baseball in it, two out of three ain’t bad, and let me tell you the combination of animals and Christmas with a couple of people who fight to help save animals, with some romance thrown in for good measure of course, well if that isn’t the makings of a great book, then I don’t know what is.

Fair warning this is one of those romances that really belong on like ABC family or the Hallmark channel or something, it’s very sugar cookie sweet, but hey it’s well written and has my favorite things, so I’m all for it. So it all kind of starts out with Kat, who runs a veterinary practice started taking in some stray or abandoned animals, and when it became more than just the occasional one or two, she saw a need and decided to fill it. Or course, the local busybody looked into her paperwork, filled a complaint and now she’s due in court and under investigation. Jack is an awesome animal cop who is looking for make humans pay for the horrible things that some of them to do to animals. He’s a little concerned about what he has heard about Kat, but when he comes across an animal in serious danger of losing his life, well he brings him right in and Kat gets to work.

The whole story kind of follows the two of them working to get justice for this poor puppy, who is in for weeks of surgeries and rehab, as well as to clear Kat’s good name and work towards getting the right kind of PR she needs for her practice. I really liked how dedicated the two of them were to their jobs, and how they both respected that in each other, I honestly think it’s what attracted the two of them to each other. Jack has a family who are always budding into his life, so Jack and Kat strike a deal, she accompanies him a couple of times to get his family off his back and he goes above and beyond on the publicity for her no-kill shelter. Of course, things don’t stay strictly business, but then do they ever in romances?

I thought this was such a sweet and heartwarming Christmas romance. I loved the incorporation of animals into the book and the storyline. I thought the chemistry between Jack and Kat was great. This book is much more storyline/character driven then hot and steamy, but I thought it worked out perfectly. If you love animals like I do, you should totally check out this book.

About Michele Dunaway

Michele has sold over 15 novels to Harlequin and her works have been translated into French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Japanese among others. Describing herself as a woman who does too much but doesn’t know how to stop, Michele also teaches high school English, advises the school yearbook, and raises two daughters and five spoiled housecats.

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