Menage by Emma Holly

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Menage by Emma HollyMenage by Emma Holly
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Genres: Erotica, Friendship, Love Triangle, Romance
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Bookstore owner Kate comes home from work one day to find her two flatmates in bed...together. Joe - a sensitive composer - is mortified. Sean - an irrepressible bad boy - asks her to join in!

Kate's been fantasising about her hunky new housesmates since they moved in, but she was convinced they were both gay. Realising that pleasure is a multi-faceted thing, she sets her cares aside and embarks on a ménage à trois with the wild duo. Kate wants nothing more than to keep both her admirers happy, but inevitably things become complicated, especially at work. Kate has told her colleagues that Joe and Sean are gay but the gossip begins when she's caught in a clinch with one of them in her lunch hour! To add to this, one of Kate's more conservative suitors is showing interest again, but she's hooked on the different kind of loving that she enjoys with her boys - even though she knows it cannot last. Or can it?

I was looking for a whole threesome relationship book, up until this point I think I had only heard of a couple of them and people seem to have very polarizing opinions of this theme. So of course, me being me, I had to check out a couple of books with this theme so I could have an opinion on it. This book kept coming up a lot in the forums and on social media for this theme, so I figured it was a good place to start.

I’m not sure if my expectations were too high, or what, but this book did not work for me, like on any level. I actually had no problem with the whole one woman being romantically involved with two men, who were also romantically involved together. Absolutely no problem. It was just the story of the whole thing that did not work for me in any way.

The beginning was okay, I liked how Kate finds Joe and Sean, and how their first intimate encounter as a threesome played out. I even liked some of one on one time that Kate spends with Sean and Joe. They really had a great kind of dynamic in the beginning of the book, and there was a little bit of conflict/things for them to figure out, and that was okay.

And then things kind of went off the rails for me. One of the males in the relationship is, well, kind of immature, and this becomes a big problem. He has this whole kind of mentality that he gets what he wants or he like boycotts everything, it was very two year old tantrum kind of thing. And then when everything comes to a head, he of course gets his way, in a way that almost feels like guilt and not love. I did not buy their love story in any way shape or form. I thought the back half of the book just did not read authentic and made me mad and annoyed. The characters that I liked in the beginning became something I couldn’t even enjoy anymore. I also thought the erotic scenes started to get repetitive and didn’t really add anything.

I know a lot of people love this book, but for me it just did not work. I could see where it would have its audience, but sadly it just wasn’t for me.

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