Control by Laura Marie Altom

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Control by Laura Marie AltomControl by Laura Marie Altom
Series: Shamed #1
Format: eARC
Published by Loveswept, Random House LLC Source: Netgalley
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Love Triangle, Millionaire/Billionaire Hero, New Adult, Romance
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Never again. Fleeing her hometown to escape an abusive marriage, Ella Patton swears she has surrendered to a man for the last time. But while living under a new name, she meets a kind, handsome stranger who seems different—and will be moving on soon, making Ella reckless enough to break her rules. With a kiss, the stranger opens the door to desires Ella believed she would never know. Then he makes an unexpected proposal.

A dot-com billionaire from humble beginnings, Liam Stone is a man whose past has made him compassionate yet guarded—much like the beautiful, secretive woman he stumbles upon in a remote Southern town. Though he intends only a dalliance, when the time comes to return home to San Francisco, Liam cannot bear the thought of leaving her behind. But when he tries to entice her to join him, he finds the tables turning dizzingly fast. Suddenly a little seduction becomes a huge battle for one thing: control.

I really could not get behind this book, I read it from start to finish, mainly because I am a big fan of the publisher, but this book was just not for me in any way, and I’ll do my best to explain why here without hopefully giving away to much about the book.

These characters are just not good people, I don’t know if I really found anything really redeeming about them. Actually to be fair the beginning of the book wasn’t too bad, Liam meets a girl, Ella who is on the run from an abusive situation, and he’s really kind of kind to her. He seems like a good guy. He doesn’t take advantage of her, and he’s sweet to her. But then things go nutty. It turns out this dude is the founder of Zoogle (yes, yes, I know… sigh) and he wants to hire her for her “company” like 80 grand worth of company and it turns out he does this all the time, women are apparently something that can be purchased with a contract. The whole thing is just yucky. Ella brings along a friend, Willow, because she can’t turn down this offer because she needs the money to avoid the domestic abuser in her past.

Willow is beyond a hot mess, and the situation with her spirals out of control. Ella isn’t really interested in sticking around for Liam and she leaves the apartment he gets for her and makes her own way with a friend from back home (who is of course in love with her). But Willow stays in the apartment, and there are drugs and police and guns, and Willow ends up in a coma.

Ella shows up again once Willow is in the hospital and that’s where she ends up talking to Liam. They end up getting together and the whole thing isn’t romantic or good, it’s just… there are no words. They don’t even seem to care about Willow. The book ends in a cliff hanger, really abruptly too, it makes the book feel incomplete more than ending in a cliff hanger. The pacing was okay, but the writing just didn’t do it for me.

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About Laura Marie Altom

After college, Laura Marie Altom did a brief stint as an interior designer before becoming a stay-at- home mom to boy/girl twins. Always an avid romance reader, when she found herself replotting the afternoon soaps, she knew it was time to try her hand at writing.

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