The Do-Over by MK Schiller

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The Do-Over by MK SchillerThe Do-Over by MK Schiller
Format: eBook
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Genres: Coming of Age, Contemporary Romance, Friendship, Love Triangle, Romance
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Arrogant womanizer Kyle Manchester hates blind dates; however, when best friend, Brad calls in a favor, insisting Kyle take out his girlfriend’s sister, Kyle reluctantly agrees. Attorney Lanie Carmichael’s appearance is no surprise. She is dowdy, awkward, and dressed in so many layers she resembles a wedding cake, but not in an edible way. Her brazen attitude though, astonishes him, especially when she explains she has no interest in gorgeous Kyle. Lanie Carmichael is in love with Brad, and wants Kyle’s assistance in winning his best friend’s heart.

Kyle gradually accepts, justifying that the mystery of Lanie has sparked his natural, thirsty curiosity. As an ambitious journalist, he also can’t resist the Pulitzer worthy scoop she offers him. However, as Lanie sheds more layers, both emotionally and physically, Kyle begins to examine his life choices, and his true feelings for this enigmatic girl. With Kyle’s support, Lanie begins to unravel the secrets of her past, and the deep pain that has quietly defined her life. As they each learn more about themselves and each other, both question how a relationship built on fraudulent lies between two broken people could ever survive.

I am seriously a sucker for two people who become friends and then find there is something more between them, I love it even more when the friends becoming friends with benefits and kind of fight off the attraction that they have for each other. Actually one of the things that I appreciated about this book was that Kyle’s POV was written really well and I enjoyed reading it, he was a lot more complex then I originally thought he was going to be.

So Lanie is awkward. To say she is awkward might be a bit of an understatement. She’s super smart, she’s a lawyer, and she goes after what she wants. But she is also a really good person. She believes she is in love with her sister’s boyfriend, her colleague Brad, but instead of actively going for the guy she asks Kyle, Brad’s best friend to help her with becoming more of the kind of girl Brad would go for. Lanie is almost positive that her horrible sister will do what she always does and cheat/leave Brad and when that happens Lanie wants to be there to pick up the pieces.

I felt so sorry for Lanie throughout the book. No, sorry is the wrong word, I didn’t pity her, but I did feel like she got the short end of the stick when it comes to family. Lanie’s sister is beyond horrible, I mean she is a terrible sister, and just a terrible person overall. She puts Lanie down so much, and then when she gives Lanie advice it’s always intentional bad advice under the guise of being sisterly. Their mother is not much better, why Lanie puts up with either of them is beyond me.

I think what I liked about Kyle is that even though he is notoriously a player, and he really doesn’t seem to have any kind of attraction to Lanie at first, he agrees to help her and begins to care about her as a person. I think it’s because she isn’t like the vast majority of women he has met before, she spars with him verbally and she’s really stronger than anyone could have guessed. As time goes on he really starts to have feelings for her, and I honestly loved how he angry he got when he saw first hand how her family acted towards her, I loved that he felt that way.

Overall, I thought this was a really cute book. These people, never in a million years, intended to come anywhere close to ending up together, but yet they seem to pull each other in. I thought the chemistry was great between them, and I was pulling for them the entire time. I loved the pace of the book too. If you like romance with a friends with benefits theme, then I think this might be a book that you should check out.

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About MK Schiller

I am a hopeless romantic in a hopelessly pragmatic world. By day, I don a magic cape, calculator (sometimes an abacus), and an assortment of gel pens for my work in the world of finance. But by night, I sit by the warm glow of my computer monitor, and try to create passionate heartwarming stories with a healthy dash of humor and spice.
I am a wife and mother of two loveable, but angst-ridden teenagers, that provide great material for my craft. Although I love to write, I am a reader first and enjoy nothing more than curling up with a good book and some tasty Italian (the food, of course!). I hope you enjoy my stories.

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