Hacked by Geri Hosier

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Hacked by Geri HosierHacked by Geri Hosier
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Genres: Mystery, Thrillers
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Liv Paxton, whipcrack smart boss of London’s biggest murder squad, is hunting the men who slaughtered the reporter at the very heart of the celebrity hacking scandal. As the killers claim another victim, Liv discovers the reporter had been tortured by professional interrogators before he died. What secret story was so dangerous that it cost him his life?

Liv quickly finds herself of up against powerful and implacable enemies - on both sides of the law. Enlisting the help of her best friend, newspaper boss Louise Brighouse, Liv enters the world of a mysterious Tartar oligarch and crosses swords with a psychotic underworld kingpin who vows vengeance on her. Her own life is on the line as she peels back layers of deceit and treachery to unveil the most terrifying criminal conspiracy London has ever seen.

I have been on a romance kick lately, but I like to switch things up every now and again just to keep things interesting. I have always been a fan of mystery/thriller books, and I really like the whole idea behind investigative reporting, so I figured this would be the perfect book to kind of switch things up for me.

So obviously this book is kind of a play on the whole play on the phone hacking scandal from a while back, so I thought this would be an interesting take on real life scandal turning into a book plot. But I had a couple of issues with the book that I want to address first. I thought that the jumping between POVs made it really difficult to really get into the book. It’s not that I don’t like multiple POVs, I appreciated getting a fuller picture of what was going on, but it happened I think with too much frequency to really get into a rhythm with any one person and it made it all the more difficult for me to have an emotional connection with the characters. I did also think the book went on to long to support the story line.

There is a romantic element in this book, but it happened to quickly. It was one of those wham bam we love each other and that’s it. I have a hard time believing in relationships that happen quick enough to give you whiplash.

That being said I did find some elements of the book enjoyable. I thought that the pace was pretty consistent throughout the book, and that there was more than enough going on to keep my attention on the plot throughout the book. I liked that Liz, the main character, is in a male dominated field, but also holds her own. Some of the plot twists were a little bit predictable, but that didn’t mean that they weren’t enjoyable to read.

I think if you are looking for a thriller/mystery and you also have an interest in current events and journalism then this could be the book you are looking for.

About Geri Hosier

Seasoned Fleet Street reporter and editor, author, London-lover.
Hacked is the first in the series of Liv Paxton crime novels.

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