Her Cowboy Hero by Tanya Michaels

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Her Cowboy Hero by Tanya MichaelsHer Cowboy Hero by Tanya Michaels
Series: The Colorado Cades #3
Format: eARC
Published by Harlequin Source: Netgalley
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance, Western
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He's Just The Hired Help...

What kind of cockeyed Pollyanna is Colin Cade working for? Her porch is rotting, her "guest cabin" is cheerless and her land and livestock have only a geriatric cowboy to care for them. Yet Hannah Shaw is positive she can turn her ranch into a successful B and B--and that Colin's the man to make it happen.

But Colin can't stick around. He lives with the loss of his family by avoiding the memories, and the way he feels around Hannah and her young son is like a knife to the heart. Trouble is, he's better at ignoring his own pain than someone else's, and bright, cheerful Hannah has a heart as haunted as his own. She deserves to be happy--but could she really be with him?

This book had a lot of elements in it that normally work for me, cowboys, motorcycle riding men, people who have broken pasts and help put each other back together, and people who are resistant to romance. So I was actually pretty excited about this book. It was a quick, really easy read, that I did enjoy.

I liked both of the main characters in it. Hannah is trying to keep alive her husbands family ranch, she might be a widow with no family and a son to take care of, but she is willing to do whatever she has to in order to keep her husbands legacy alive for her son. Granted the place is falling a part, but she has such a great attitude about things. I know that she isn’t always super upbeat about things in her own head, but I love that she is so willing to take leaps of faith and try to maintain a positive outlook. There were a couple of instances though when I did wish she spoke her mind more.

Colin I really did like, I think maybe more than Hannah. I thought that the story of his family is just tragic. He is basically running from job to job, never staying in one place for too long because he is so not ready to deal with the reality of his life without his family. Even though he tries to keep from making bonds with other people, or even maintaining the bonds he has with his own siblings, he can’t help but get involved in Hannah’s life. He is really good to her son, and I loved that about him. You know it’s hard for him to be around Hannah and her son, but at the same time he still is, and never makes either or Hannah or her son uncomfortable, you can tell her son really cares for Colin and vice versa. I liked going with Colin on his journey to kind of reconcile with the past and get ready to start living in the present.

Even though I really did like the characters in the book, and they definitely had some chemistry together, I didn’t like how PG-13 the book ended up being. It was kind of like the author lead you right up to edge and then the chapter would end. I did like the secondary characters, but there were some times where I was more interested in the secondary characters versus the leads, which was an issue for me.

I did enjoy the book, it is a quick and enjoyable read, the pacing was on point, and the chemistry was definitely there. I could easily see how this would be a great summer read while you are laying out by the pool, it’s quick, fun, and leaves you feeling satisfied.

About Tanya Michaels

Tanya Michaels is an award-winning author of more than thirty romance and women’s fiction novels, as well as numerous short stories and nonfiction essays. She is a four-time finalist for the prestigious RITA, awarded annually by Romance Writers of America, and was nominated for RT Book Review’s Career Achievement in Category Romance. When she’s not speaking at reader events and writer conferences, she’s at home in Georgia with her husband of fifteen years and their two highly imaginative children. For a glimpse into Tanya’s chaotic daily life, as well as updates on her current books and TV show addictions, follow Tanya on Twitter.

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