Thrown for a Curve by Sugar Jamison

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Thrown for a Curve by Sugar JamisonThrown for a Curve by Sugar Jamison
Series: Perfect Fit #2
Format: eARC
Published by St. Martin's Press Source: Netgalley
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Cherri has often wished she were thin and graceful like a ballerina instead of being a six-foot-tall blonde with curves that require serious caution. Surely a charming Irishman like her new boss Colin, with his throaty brogue and to-die-for bod, would never go for someone like Cherri. Unless maybe he’s looking for the exact opposite of a delicate lass?  

When Colin hired Cherri to work in his furniture-restoration shop, he had his eyes, first and foremost, on her artistic talents. But now he can’t help but see Cherri for the lush, spirited beauty that she is…and, soon enough, he finds himself mixing business with pleasure. But Cherri turns out to be more vulnerable than she appears. Is she in need of more than Colin can give? Or could it be that a feeling stronger than lust has him thrown for a curve?

I have really mixed feelings about this book. There were parts that I really liked and then there were parts that I just thought were okay-ish. I didn’t completely fall head over heads in love with the book, but it was still an enjoyable read, and truth be told it was not exactly what I was expecting.

So at the beginning I was a little annoyed, I know that Cherri is a big girl, she’s super tall and not pencil sized, which made me happy (I don’t know about you but I like my romance characters to be realistic, I want to think of them as people I could run into at the grocery store, not the unobtainable supermodel on the magazine covers). But for me, it felt overly talked about in the beginning. It seems like two pages couldn’t go by where there was reference to Cherri’s size, and there is just so much more to her character than her size that I felt like it did  a disservice to her. Yes, I know that she’s insecure, understandable, most girls are about one thing or another, but it just felt like too much of the storyline in the beginning was about her size.

That being said, Cherri is a tough girl, and I liked her at moments and wanted to shake her at others. She’s devoted to her grandmother, taking care of her as she’s getting dementia and at times becoming combative with her. Even though it’s hard on Cherri she keeps going because she loves her grandmother so much. She’s smart, educated, artistic, and strong, my kind of lady. But once she gets together with Colin I have so many “what are you thinking” moments that I wanted to jump in the book and shake her. I felt like a switch flips halfway through the book and suddenly Cherri has so many more selfish qualities, although some what understandable, I still wanted to shake her.

Colin, I totally loved. He is a reformed playboy who only wants to do right by Cherri. He doesn’t think he would be good for her so he spends so much time at the beginning just being her friend, that it actually ends up building a great foundation for the two of them. He builds a relationship not just with her but with her grandmother as well, he’s just a really good guy, and I really loved reading him. Plus the whole Irish thing was pretty hot too.

What started out as a lighthearted book turned into one much more serious and more reflective of real life and how relationships can be hard. I thought that the author did a good job with that. There were some seriously heartbreaking moments, and moments where I was really invested. That being said the second half of the book I think was too long, or the pace needed to be picked up, it started to become a bit repetitive and slower. I also thought that the reemergence of Colin’s ex at the end was unnecessary and actually did more harm then good to the story itself.

I have to say this is not the book I expected going in, but it was a pretty good read. I wouldn’t recommend this book if you are looking for a fast funny read, you may get that in the first half, but the second half becomes a much more intense and sometimes seriously heartbreaking book. But if you like romances that feel a little bit more like reality than the unrealistic fairy tale then I think this might be the book for you.

About Sugar Jamison

Sugar Jamison is a southern belle trapped in a New Yorker’s body. With a love of big hair and high heeled shoes, she spends her day at her very normal day job and night dreaming up sweet but sassy romances.

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