Given by Kelli Maine

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Given by Kelli MaineGiven by Kelli Maine
Series: Give & Take #3
Format: eARC
Published by Hachette-Forever Source: Netgalley
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotica, Romance
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For Merrick and Rachael, Turtle Tear Island has become their own private paradise with days of unimaginable bliss and sizzling nights in the bedroom-and beyond. But Rachael and Merrick's happiness is shattered when his daughter, Nadia, suddenly becomes increasingly demanding of his time and devotion. It soon becomes clear that Merrick will have to make an agonizing choice: the woman whose love saved his tortured soul or the daughter he never knew existed . . . 

Rachael can't stand the thought of losing Merrick after everything she's sacrificed to be with him. She had thought she and Merrick were done with secrets, that the passion that burned so brightly between them had forged an unbreakable connection, but she begins to wonder if she ever really knew the man at all. Now the love they've fought so desperately to protect may not be enough to save them . . .

I have to admit, I went back and forth with this book. Sometimes I loved it, sometimes not so much. Full disclosure, this book is book three in a series, and I haven’t read books one and two, so it’s very possible that someone who is more attached to the characters might have more appreciation for this book.

First things first, I like the writing style, I think that’s what had me enjoying most of the book. It’s easy to read, and Kelli does have the ability to keep you interested in what is going to happen next. Honestly, my biggest problem with the book was that I felt this book should have been a novella. It was just far to long for the plot line it had going throughout the book. I think it would have been a much more exciting, dramatic novella then it is a book. Because the book felt too long, it did at times feel like it was dragging, which can be a hard thing for me to overcome. Also I think a big problem with the length of the book came from the sex scenes, don’t get me wrong sex scenes are nice to have, but when they happen as often as they did in this book they lose so much of their impact, and start becoming repetitive.

I had a hard time liking Rachael, on one hand I could see where she was coming from but on the other I thought she was being unreasonable. So Merrick and Rachael together and Merrick wants to get to know his long lost daughter. Understandable right? While yes, Rachael does have suspicions about the daughters true motives, she really isn’t supportive of the man she loves, I mean at all. She came off really whiny and a lot of times selfish to me, so it was really hard for me to really like her. One the plus side to her character, Merrick and Rachael did have chemistry, I just thought she could have acted a bit more like a grown up, would have helped a lot.

Merrick is a pretty good guy. I mean he’s in a hard place. Getting to know children he’s never known before is hard, and clearly he wants to make up for lost time. But sometimes he was a bit to dense for me, like he had to have some inkling that dear ole daughter was actually plotting didn’t have pure motives. Other than that though, he was an okay character.

In this book I have to admit I liked the secondary characters more. It wasn’t a bad book, but it wasn’t a great one either, a solid 2.5 for me. I think if you are looking for a book that’s a little more soap opera and a lot of erotica then this book is probably for you.

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