Branded by Laura Wright

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Branded by Laura WrightBranded by Laura Wright
Series: The Cavanaugh Brothers #1
Format: eARC
Published by Penguin Source: Netgalley
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Mystery, Romance, Western
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In the small town of River Black, Texas, sits the Triple C—a working cattle ranch that sustains the town. But it also holds painful memories and shocking secrets for the Cavanaugh brothers...

When the Cavanaugh brothers return home for their father’s funeral, they discover unexpected evidence of the old man’s surprising double life—a son named Blue, who wants the Triple C Ranch as much as they do. The eldest son, Deacon, a wealthy businessman who couldn’t wait to leave the ranch and move on with his life, is looking to use his powerful connections to stop Blue at any cost. He never expected the ranch’s forewoman, Mackenzie Byrd, to get in his way.

Mac knows Deacon means to destroy the ranch and therefore destroy her livelihood. But as the two battle for control, their attraction builds. Now Deacon is faced with the choice of a lifetime: Take down the Triple C to feed his need for revenge, or embrace the love of the one person who has broken down every barrier to his heart.

Review KissesI love a good cowboy story! I’m sorry I’m just a total sucker for it. Blame it on my youth, growing up in Texas, going to horseback riding camp, dreaming of one day owning my own ranch, but whatever the reason I love books about books with cowboys and I love books that take place in Texas.

So part of the reason why I enjoyed this book as much as I did was because being a cowboy and living on a ranch wasn’t just something mentioned, instead it was a huge part of the novel. Mac being the foremen. The Cavanaugh brothers being the ones inheriting the ranch, the talk of cattle and horses, ranch hands, barns, and broken fences. It felt authentic, not just like a backdrop for a story. 

I loved Mac. I loved that she was the foreman of the ranch. I hate to say that ranch life is pretty gender role specific, but let’s face it, it kind is, and it’s a rare thing to see a woman as a foreman. And Mac is a good one, she cares not just about the land but also the people involved in the everyday. Sure she has a past with that land, it’s where she grew up with her best friend, but it’s also where she see her future. I liked that she’s strong willed, and ready for a fight, even when it’s against a billionaire who has more resources then she could dream of. I liked that she said what she felt, and that she was comfortable with who she is. She was emphatic, kind, and the kind of person I would want to be friends with.

Deacon, well Deacon is tortured. Tragedy mars his past, and makes him into the hardened, cold, and calculated man that he is today. Power is really Deacons weapon of choice, he likes tearing things down, being the one in control, probably because he felt so out of control when he was younger. But after his father dies, he finally has the chance to get what he really wants, destruction of the ranch he grew up on. I liked that no matter how stronger he felt about his mission, he still allowed himself to take the chance on Mac, which was a little surprising because doing so meant he wasn’t 100% in control like he likes. He has some serious stubborn streaks, and sometimes I wanted to just shake him and tell him to pull his head out of you know where, but I knew deep down he had a good heart.

I think what I enjoyed most about this story is that there is an underlying mystery throughout the whole thing. And at the end, the mystery isn’t solved, in fact it just gets bigger, and left me wanting to know when book two comes out, because let me tell you I want to know the truth of what really happened. I think anyone who likes a good contemporary romance with a western theme will love this book, so check it out. I know I’ve already got my calendar marked for book two.

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