Hate to Love You by Elise Alden

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Hate to Love You by Elise AldenHate to Love You by Elise Alden
Format: eARC
Published by Carina Source: Netgalley
Genres: Coming of Age, Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romance, Second Chances
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Despite my slutty reputation, I was technically a virgin at eighteen. But it turns out all those sex-ed teachers aren’t just trying to scare you. The faint positive on a budget pregnancy test sent me spinning, moments before meeting my sister’s snooty new fiancé.

Shaking hands with upper-crusty James was like downing a triple shot of vodka. Dizzy with desire, confused by my body’s reaction, and shocked by the possessiveness flashing in his eyes, I deceived him that night and told the world at their wedding reception.

The truth?
I slept with my sister’s fiancé. Hot and sweaty, all night long in a room so dark he couldn’t tell I wasn’t her.

The lie? 
Said fiancé is the father of my child. The one I signed over my rights to just before he was born.

That was seven years ago. 

It’s time to come clean.

Oh my gosh this book is going to be hard to review! I have not had such strong and rapidly changing feelings about a book in as long as I can remember. One moment I hated the book and the next moment I was so wrapped up I couldn’t read fast enough. I will say I am willing glad I didn’t quit at the beginning, the book is easily a 3.5 star book for me, I ended up really enjoying it. And now I will try and put my feeling about the book down in words without ruining the story for you.

So the beginning was hard. I think the word I used to describe it at the beginning was crass. Not that crass bothers me (it really doesn’t) but there were moments when I thought to myself, “hot damn, soap operas wouldn’t be this in your face”. So Paisley is a very immature teenager, but more than that she’s also very damaged and has long since suffered from one form of abuse or another. So it’s understand to see how she ended up with her current personality. There were moments during part one where it was hard to keep reading, it was almost painful to deal with the way Paisley acted. I think my biggest issue with Paisley during part one is that she was pregnant and drunk. It’s a freaking miracle that her son was born without any problems, but it took me a long time for me to get over that in the book.

As for James, I liked him, and I literally had no reason to. He comes off as snotty to Paisley, and can be kind of an ass. Plus he lets his mother run his life, and I couldn’t help but wonder how much heartache could have been avoided if he would have just made hiso own decisions instead of allowing his mother that much control. I also do wish the author had done a dual POV, because James was super complex and I wanted in his head to know what he was thinking.

The best thing about this book is that part two really showed the evolution of Paisley, how much seven years can change a person. And my dislike for her carried over from part one, so in a way during part two Paisley wasn’t just proving herself to James, but to me as well. The more I read, the more she redeemed herself, and the more I liked her.

This book has a lot of oh my god moments, a lot of laugh out louds, and some serious heartbreaks. It is not a book for the faint of heart. But if you want a book to be in your face, with no filter, with characters complex enough that you can hate them one minute and love them the next, then this is definitely the book for you.

About Elise Alden

Elise grew up in tropical Panama and spent several years teaching in Brazil, where she met a travelling Scotsman who did what Rhett Butler should have. Well, he dragged her to his mountain lair, but it’s the thought that counts! These days, whether she’s star gazing atop ruined castles or seeking rare butterflies in the jungles of Central America, Elise is thinking up characters who overcome the odds to be together. After all, if she and her husband could, then her heroes and heroines deserve the chance.

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