Truly by Ruthie Knox

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Truly by Ruthie KnoxTruly by Ruthie Knox
Series: New York #1
Format: eARC
Published by Loveswept Source: Netgalley
Genres: Coming of Age, Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romance
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May Fredericks hates New York. Which is fair enough, since New York seems to hate her back. After relocating to Manhattan from the Midwest to be with her long-distance boyfriend, NFL quarterback Thor Einarsson, May receives the world’s worst marriage proposal, stabs the jerk with a shrimp fork, and storms off alone—only to get mugged. Now she’s got no phone, no cash, and no friends. How’s a nice girl supposed to get back to safe, sensible Wisconsin?
Frankly, Ben Hausman couldn’t care less. Sure, it’s not every day he meets a genuine, down-to-earth woman like May—especially in a dive in the Village—but he’s recovering from an ugly divorce that cost him his restaurant. He wants to be left alone to start over and become a better man. Then again, playing the white knight to May’s sexy damsel in distress would be an excellent place to start—if only he can give her one very good reason to love New York.

I have made no secret that I have always loved New York City, my family is from there and it’s by far one of my favorite places to go and visit. So when a book takes place in NYC it’s almost always one I want to check out. I actually really liked the premise of this book, how the big city kind of chewed up May and left her stranded and trying to figure out what happens next.

So May reminds me of someone I know, someone who apologizes all the time, but is seldom in the wrong. She’s a people pleaser, and she’s spent so much of her life being a people pleaser that she literally has no idea who she is, only what others expect her to be, and she plays that role. After what can only be described as the worst marriage proposal ever, May stabs her would-be fiance with a shrimp fork and flees. Except her boyfriend is an NFL quarterback, and when she tries to leave town she’s accosted by reporters and finds her way to getting mugged. With no money or ID its next to impossible to find a way back home. Enter the stranger.

Ben totally gives off a don’t come near me vibe, but he can’t help but help out the stranger at the bar. And the more time they spend together the more he realized he likes her. Before he knows it he’s inviting her to stay at his place, and one night turns into a few days. He wants to show her the city he loves through his eyes and convince her that NY not the place she thinks it is.

The great thing about this pairing is that Ben really helps May figure out who she is. He pushes her constantly to stand her ground and to figure out what she wants, to hell with what anyone says. He also really builds her up, she has so much self-doubt about herself that Ben goes out of his way to make sure she knows how perfect she is to him. And May, well May pushes him to confront his past, and his anger issues. And more than that she forces him to admit that what he thought he wanted in life, isn’t actually what makes him happy. Sure the two of them have road blocks in the way, there’s a lot of that actually, and they both do their fair share of push and pull when it comes to each other, but somehow it just works.

I found myself laughing out loud during this book a lot. The frank dialogue, especially about the shrimp fork incident is just hilarious. The writing is smart and enjoyable, and the chemistry between May is Ben is fantastic. I would easily recommend this book to anyone looking for a romance book set in NYC.

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About Ruthie Knox

USA Today bestselling author Ruthie Knox writes contemporary romance that’s sexy, witty, and angsty—sometimes all three at once. Her debut novel, Ride with Me, is probably the only existing cross-country bicycling love story. She followed it up with About Last Night, a London-set romance whose hero has the unlikely name of Neville, and then Room at the Inn, a Christmas novella—both of which were finalists for the Romance Writers of America’s RITA Award. Her four-book series about the Clark family of Camelot, Ohio, has won accolades for its fresh, funny portrayal of small-town Midwestern life. Ruthie also writes New Adult romance as RobinYork. She moonlights as a mother, Tweets incessantly, and bakes a mean focaccia. She’d love to hear from you, so feel free to drop her a line.

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