Talk Dirty to Me by Dakota Cassidy

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Talk Dirty to Me by Dakota CassidyTalk Dirty to Me by Dakota Cassidy
Series: Plum Orchard #1
Format: eARC
Published by Harlequin Source: Netgalley
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance
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Notorious mean girl Dixie Davis is back in town and it's payback time. Literally. Dixie is flat broke and her best—make that only—friend, Landon, is throwing her a lifeline from the Great Beyond. Dixie stands to inherit his business…if she meets a few conditions: 

She's got to live in Landon's mansion. 

With her gorgeous ex-fiancé, Caine Donovan. 

Who could also inherit the business. 

Which is a phone sex empire. 

Wait, what? 

Landon's will lays it out: whoever gets the most new clients becomes the owner of Call Girls. Dixie has always been in it to win it, especially when it comes to Caine, who's made it clear he's not going down easy. (Oh, mercy.) Can Dixie really talk dirty and prove that she's cleaned up her act? Game on!

I have to admit I was a little thrown by the title of the book, and then when I read that the plot revolves around who can be the best phone sex operator. I don’t know about you but I don’t find phone sex businesses as a hot bed for real life romance. Thankfully I was wrong, and pleasantly so, cause I really enjoyed this book.

I think the main reason why this book worked so well, is because the whole thing takes place in a small southern town full of busy buddies all around, who give the whole book some humor and some drama. As it turns out, in Plum Orchard, there were once three best friends, Landon, Dixie, and Caine, that is until Dixie and Caine’s engagement exploded and they moved as far away as possible. Landon stayed close friends with both of them, and then when he passed away came up with a crazy idea to have Dixie and Caine compete for what it turned out was a multi-million dollar business, a phone sex business.

Of course their small town isn’t too fond of this business, there is a lot of biblical condemnation going on from the town busy-bodies. And the women who work at the call center aren’t the only ones who are getting judged by the town’s people, as it turns out Dixie was something of a bad girl, who left of a trail of destruction in her wake prior to leaving town, and let me tell you not one single person let her forget her past. There actually came a point where I was getting really tired of listening to people hate on her, especially because it was pretty clear at this point that she had really grown up and become a pretty good person.

And then of course there is the chemistry going on between Caine and Dixie, they definitely have some heat in them. They are one of those couples who just can’t help but to egg each other on, and are super competitive with each other. But for them it works, it kind of leads to this big build of sexual tension between them that just needs to be let out. So much time has passed between them, and so much has happened to them while out on their own that they really needed to find a way to get to know each other again, but the two of them were just too stubborn to admit it. But when they do get hot and heavy it’s definitely on the hot side.

The competition for the business leads to a lot of interesting conversations, and meeting a lot of different but fun characters (who I am almost positive will be emphasized in the next books in this series). I really liked the chemistry between the characters, and I liked the characters themselves. I could have had a bit more information on Caine, or maybe some more backstory to him, but there is enough to him to make him work really well in the story. I think anyone who likes a good Southern romance, with some added small town humor would really enjoy this book.
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About Dakota Cassidy

Dakota Cassidy lives for a good laugh in life and in her writing. In fact, she almost loves a good giggle as much as she loves hair products and that’s saying something.
Her goals in life are simple, (like really simple): banish the color yellow forever, create world peace via hot rollers and Aqua Net; and finally, nab every tiara in the land by competing in the Miss USA, Miss Universe, and Miss World pageants, then sweeping them in a stunning trifecta of much duct tape and Vaseline usage, all in just under one week. Oh, and write really fun books!
Dakota lives in Texas with her two sons, her mother, more cats and dogs than the local animal shelter and has a boyfriend who puts the heroes in her books to shame.

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