Violet is Blue by Tawny Stokes

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Violet is Blue by Tawny StokesViolet is Blue by Tawny Stokes
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A novel of secrets, passion, and betrayal....

For the past four years, 18 year old, Violet Taylor has lived her life like her deceased father would’ve wanted. Perfect grades, perfect friends, the perfect boyfriend from the right family. Except now at the end of high school, she realizes that she’s never fully lived, has never taken risks, has always taken the safe and secure road. That all changes when she breaks up with her boyfriend, takes notice of the bad boy who she once shared a kiss with, and starts receiving gifts and phone calls from a mystery guy who makes her quiver with a need she never knew she possessed…

But what started as innocent turns dark and twisted, and Violet finds herself faced with a horrible secret that could destroy everything she once knew and loved.

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I really wanted to like this book, like seriously wanted to. I love the whole new adult genre, it just really works for me, but this book just didn’t. That’s not to say that the book didn’t have potential, it really did, there is a good plot line here. A girl, who at 18, has already experienced the loss of her dad and overcome a serious bout of depression who decides she wants to really live life and experience things; it’s definitely a storyline with promise. Unfortunately, it just didn’t work.

So my number one issue was that I really felt like the characters had very little depth to them. And I think even more than that my issues stemmed from them not really coming off as believable to me, I couldn’t identify with them at all. I’m not that far out of college and high school that I can’t remember some of the crazy times of my misspent youth, but these characters didn’t remind me of myself or anyone I ever met in high school or college, they were more like bad stereotypes. They all seemed freakishly sex-crazed, it felt like every page, or at the very least, every other page was a reference to either sex, masturbation, or talking about various body parts. I review romance books, and sometimes even erotica books, so in no way am I a prude of any kind, but these girls just seemed to be vulgar for the sake of being vulgar. Did they never think about school, or parents, or if their best friend was mad at them, a concert they wanted to go, anything other than sex? Not really.

My second issue with the book is that the “love” interest, Devon, comes off more as some kind of creepy stalker who deserves to be served with a restraining order more than become an interest for Violet. And hey, I get going for the “bad boy” seriously I do, I have more than one in my past, but none of them ever made me feel like I needed a shower and call to the police, Devon was just creepy. Also, I found myself judging Violet for going along with things, I mean secret admirer sends you lingerie then calls you up all mouth-breather style, and then commands you put on the lingerie and give him a show because, that’s right folks, he’s watching you from outside your house. Oh and then when she leaves the bedroom it’s revealed he broke into her house. Does any of that sound normal or okay to you? Apparently Violet is fine with and continues on with creepy-town.

There were some small nit-picky things I picked up along the way, like Violet asks her mom if dad is home yet, when the author had already established that Violet’s dad died, and that her stepdad’s name is Mark and she only ever calls him Mark. They were just small consistency related things. Overall, this book just didn’t work for me. Of course, this is just my opinion and there may very well be people who fall in love with this book, but for me without any characters to relate to or even somewhat identify with, I just couldn’t make a connection to the book.

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About Tawny Stokes

Tawny Stokes has always been a writer. From an early age, she’d spin tales of serial killers in love, vampires taking over the world, and sometimes about fluffy bunnies turned bunnicidal maniacs. An honour student in high school, with a penchant for math and English, you’d never know it by the foot high blue Mohawk and Doc Martens, which often got her into trouble. No longer a Mohawk wearer, Tawny still enjoys old school punk rock, trance, zombie movies, teen horror films, and fluffy bunnies. She lives in Canada with her fantastical daughter, two cats, and spends most of her time creating new stories for teens.

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