Spotlight by Krista Richmond

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Spotlight by Krista RichmondSpotlight by Krista Richmond
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Romance

Lily Richards loves a good story. As a journalist, she’s often writing one. As a fan, she’s often reading one—especially when it’s about her favorite celebrity.
The attention he generates fascinates her. As does the role her profession plays in creating the phenomenon that is actor Daniel Brighton. Are the media to blame for the way the paparazzi chase him? Do they provide too much information about his private life to obsessive fans? And are they the cause of all the madness surrounding Daniel’s rumored relationship with a certain former costar?
Personally, Lily would much rather report on Daniel’s latest role than on his latest dining companion. And a chance encounter with the star gives her the opportunity to prove she’s not like every other journalist, or every other “fangirl.”
Nate Brennan—Daniel’s publicist—isn’t convinced of Lily’s altruistic nature. His client’s sudden preference for the no-name columnist baffles him, and when he is forced to concede to Daniel’s wishes and work with her, their professional battles soon lead to personal sparks. While Daniel and Lily grow closer, Nate finds himself caught between mistrust and attraction.
As Lily’s career slowly transitions from the newsroom of her hometown paper to the online world of entertainment media, she must find a balance between the demands of the job and the personal relationships she now holds dear. Is a photograph worth losing a friend? Is her next story worth losing the man she loves? She never knew it would be so hard, standing near the glare of theSpotlight . . .

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I was really looking forward to reading this book. I don’t know why but I really like reading about writers, and part of what I really liked about the book and the writing was how the author made the character of Lily a very ethical writer, and in this day in age when tabloid journalism is so rampant, it was kind of refreshing really Lily’s point of view on how covering the entertainment industry should be done.

I really liked that Lily didn’t go for Daniel, as I started reading the book, I am almost positive that they were going to end up together, turns out I was very wrong. I actually ended up liking them as friends, they have a great friendship, and I think what is most shocking is that Daniel is able to trust Lily really quickly, and he gives her the benefit of the doubt all the time, no questions asked. There are so many books about how the girl falls in love with the famous guy and then they ride off into the rich and famous bubble, so this was a nice departure, where the famous guy ends up being a close friend instead, and a great friend at that.

I really like Lily as a character, she’s smart and driven and I love that she is just genuinely a good person. She actually reminds me of someone I knew in high school, just kind to everyone. Lily is definitely all about her career when the book starts, she isn’t looking for a man, and while she has good friends and family and she does go out and have a good time, career is definitely her focus. In the end that works for her benefit, because she ends up meeting both Daniel and Nate.

Nate, Daniel’s publicist, and Lily’s future love interest, is an interesting character. At the beginning I really didn’t like him, he was some abrasive and kind of a jerk, and when things started looking like the two of them were going to get together I was actually kind of dreading it. But thankfully, the whole thing really worked out. I liked there chemistry together, I liked that they started out in a long distance relationship but some how it worked.

And now for the negatives of the book. I thought the book was exceptionally long, maybe the beginning third could have been thinned out. It really does go on a lot longer than it needed to. There is also an incident with Nate and Lily where Nate totally overreacts and throws the whole book kind of of course, which to me just didn’t feel right, and actually made me dislike Nate a lot. So by the end of the book my goodwill toward Nate was lower than it could have been, which kind of bummed me out. But for me nothing compared to the fact that the book never gets very intimate in the relationship. The author does a lot of buildup to this romance between Lily and Nate, and sure they sleep over at each others houses, and the is explicit about things like kissing, but other than that there isn’t any physical relationship mention, just implied and it just felt off that there isn’t that in the book.

I think the characters in the book are pretty good, and I think most people will like them. I think if you are looking for a simple romance, without and hot and heavy, then this book might very well work for you, but if you are looking for something with some hot and heavy, then I don’t think this is the book for you.

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About Krista Richmond

Krista Richmond is a journalist, pop culture enthusiast and a true Southern girl at heart. When she isn’t writing, she’s often in her kitchen, attempting to recreate recipes created by her favorite Food Network personalities, or at her local theater, catching the latest blockbuster (or indie flick).
A graduate of Tennessee Tech University and the University of Tennessee with degrees in communications, she worked in print journalism for several years. Now, she works in marketing in southern Louisiana.

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