Rock It by Jennifer Chance

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Rock It by Jennifer ChanceRock It by Jennifer Chance
Series: Rule Breakers #1
Format: eARC
Published by Loveswept Source: Netgalley
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romance
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Lacey Dawes is a total pro at the talent agency where she works, and it doesn’t hurt that IMO Worldwide Media represents Dante Falcone. The rock god has starred in her fantasies since she was sixteen—and remains her secret crush to this day. So when Dante picks her to be the interim manager on his Dream It tour, Lacey can’t believe her luck. Handling Dante is sure to be the most exquisite, spine-tingling, nerve-wracking mix of business and pleasure ever.

Although Dante is grateful for the adoring fans who scream for one more of his full-throttle, soul-searing songs, being surrounded by a cadre of corporate types backstage is wearing thin. Then Lacey shows up. Yeah, she’s organized, smart, quick to get him what he wants before he knows he wants it—but Dante senses there’s something else going on with sweet, sexy Lacey. One kiss tells him what that “something” might be . . . and makes him hungry for more.

 photo synopsisgraphic.pngI think everyone has that one childhood crush, some celebrity actor or musician that they well convinced they completely loved. Granted not everyone has 15 scrapbooks worth of information on said crush like Lacey did, oh and I think most of us grow out of it before we go to college, but even so I think most people can relate to Lacey’s crush on Dante. I think what I liked most about this book was that Lacey wasn’t some poor fan that Dante just picked out of a crowd and then changed her world with his riches, but rather that they met while Lacey was working, doing a serious, professional job, and that throughout the novel she is dedicated to her job.

Dante is a rockstar, with a rockstar like following of women/girls who are obsessed with him. He’s one of those Disney kids, except all grown up. To me it seems like Dante is a bit on the lonely side, he’s not fulfilled by the fans throwing themselves at him, he wants to be around people who know him, who want to be with him for who he is on the inside and not the public image. Okay so that story has been told a time or two, but it works for this book, it doesn’t come off feeling overdone or overly cliche. I like that Dante is a good guy, he doesn’t have an overblown ego like you would think he might, and has a good heart.

Lacey, took her love for music and decided to turn it into a career. And it works for her. She’s good at her job. She might have a crazy boss who hounds her all the time, but everything changes when she goes into a meeting about her firm representing Dante (her childhood crush) and suddenly he picked her to be his manager for the remainder of his tour. Lacey of course has a little freak out about being this close to her childhood crush, but even after some interesting incidents (some more handsy than others), she still manages to do her job and to do it well. I like that about her, that’s she professional no matter what, she gets the job done.

Lacey’s crazy boss does of course put Lacey in some bad situations, especially when she outs Lacey nationally by exposing her childhood crush and massive scrapbook collection. Props go out to both Lacey and Dante though, because they both managed to come up with a solution that benefited both of them (with the help of some of Lacey’s quite awesome friends).

Overall, the book was pretty good, it was an easy read, and I enjoyed it. There were definitely some steamy scenes in it, and they were pretty well written. I think anyone looking for a new adult romance would enjoy reading this book.
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About Jennifer Chance

Jennifer Chance is the award-winning author of the new adult Rule Breakers series. A lover of books, romance, and happily-ever-afters, she lives and writes in Ohio.

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