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This is Home.Love.Books. first month doing a monthly roundup, and since it’s something new the format may be changed over the next couple months, but this is definitely something I have been wanting to do. When I read a book that I really enjoy I tend to fall in love with it, and I always end up thinking about it days later, sometimes even weeks later. But when I review a book it only gets the one post on the site and that’s it. So the monthly roundup is going to include notable books I reviewed throughout the month, and at the end of the year I am going to do a “Best of 2014” post as well. So here are my notable picks for the month of February (if you don’t have time to read every post on the blog, the roundup will be the perfect way to find some good recommendations).



The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski 

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New Adult: If you are looking for a new adult book, this would hand down be my pick. Most NA books are either too YA or almost an adult book, this book is literally the perfect mix for NA. Not only is a true new adult in every sense of the word, but the characters just grab hold of you and don’t let go. I know the book came out last year, and there has since been a sequel release (which I haven’t read yet), but I do know that this book was quite good. So without a doubt this would be my new adult recommendation this month.



Shadows of Fate by Angela Dennis

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Urban Fantasy: This is easily my pick for urban fantasy books, it comes out in April so I would suggest putting it on your list of books to buy, mark your calendar folks. So for me the reason why I like this book were that it is a mix of all kinds of paranormal races, it’s not an easy thing for an author to accomplish, or at least it’s not easy to do it well. I like the concept of the broken veil creating a mixture of worlds, that was a really interesting way to combine all the different elements. I also really like Shadow Bearer race, their whole magical abilities and the civil war their people seem to be stuck in left for some great plot points and backstory. I hope in the next book we spend more time in the Shadow Bearer world.



Break in Two by MJ Summers

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Romance-Contemporary-Western: I like this book because I love the idea of being out in nature, living on a ranch, and let’s face it, it’s a great setting for a romance. I like Claire in this book, a like her a lot, even with her insecurities. But really I think Cole makes this book, he’s just such a fantastic hero for the book. He’s loyal, good to family, good looking, and just an all around good guy. Also, the ex-factor that showed up in the book is normally something that would have turned me a tad off to the book, but it was written well enough and the characters were strong enough that it worked for me.


best kind

Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine

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Contemporary Romance: So this is also a new adult book, but I’m putting it in my contemporary romance category. To be honest I had problems picking out the book for the category, I was about positive I was going to showcase Just One Night, but Best Kind of Broken just wouldn’t get out of my head. I like the childhood friends aspect, and I like that the two of them had an actual tragedy keeping them apart, rather then some man made kind of drama. These were two people who were genuinely in pain and had to find a way to heal in order to come together. I like that both the characters were flawed and easy to read and like, but more than that I also liked that the secondary characters were a lot more vivid than they are in some other books. A lot of authors get so wrapped up in their main cast that their secondary cast doesn’t get as much attention, I felt like Chelsea paid attention to every one of her characters, no matter how small, if they were on the page they were important and had a role to play.

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